Heihachi Mishima

Fighting Style: Mishima Style Fighting Karate

Nationality: Probably Japanese (Japanese Government Disavows)

Representative Move:

Dragon Uppercut: right-PS4-15px star-PS4-15px bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px

Double Palm Strike: bottom-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Eishomon: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Kazuya Mishima

Fighting Style: Mishima Style Fighting Karate

Nationality: None (Abandoned Japanese nationality)

Representative Move:

Twin Fang Double Kick: X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Wind God Fist: right-PS4-15px star-PS4-15px bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Slaughter High Kick: bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px



Fighting Style: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Representative Move:

Gohadoken: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px (or X1-Y-button-18px)

Goshoryuken: right-w-15px bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px (or X1-Y-button-18px)

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku: bottom-w-15px bottom-left-w-15px left-w-15px  X1-A-button-18px (or X1-B-button-18px)

Kazumi Mishima

Fighting Style: Hachijou Style Karate

Nationality: Japanese

Representative Move:

Thunder Punch Combo: X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px

Tiger Wind Uppercut: bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Hellfire Spiral: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px


Jin Kazama

Fighting Style: Karate

Nationality: Japanese

Representative Move:

Left Right Axe Kick: X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Savage Sword: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Demon’s Paw: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-Y-button-18px



Lars Alexandersson

Fighting Style: Tekken Forces Martial Arts

Nationality: Swedish

Representative Move:

Flashing Strike: bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Shadow Cutter: bottom-left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px

Storm Axle: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px

Lee Chaolan

Fighting Style: Martial Arts

Nationality: Japanese

Representative Move:

Acid Storm: right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Laser Edge Kick Combo:bottom-PS4-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Pulse Blast: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-A-button-18px

Alisa Bosconovitch

Style de combat : Combat de haute voltige grâce aux réacteurs

Nationalité : Russie

Coup signature :

Dual Session: right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Quick Slider: bottom-w-15px X1-A-button-18px

Spam Bomb: Approcher l’adversaire top-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Nina Williams

Fighting Style: Assassination Arts

Nationality: Irish

Representative Move:

Blonde Bomb: right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Mimosa Combo: right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Hellbringer: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px

Claudio Serafino

Fighting Style: Sirius Style Exorcism

Nationality: Italian

Representative Move:

Sky Slash Nova: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px

Shining Ray to Starburst: left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px (must hit)

Axion Burst: During Starburst bottom-w-15px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Katarina Alves

Fighting Style: Savate

Nationality: Brazilian

Representative Move:

Wing Cutter: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Paineira to Harrier: bottom-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px right-PS4-15px

Snipe’s Knee: During Harrier X1-B-button-18px


Fighting Style: Military Combat Style

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Representative Move:

Silent Flow: right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Rapid Strikes: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Hunting Falcon Dive: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-A-button-18px (or right-w-15px right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px)

Lucky Chloe

Fighting Style: Freestyle Dance

Nationality: Secret

Representative Move:

Left Point to C Uprock Swing: X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Double Axe Aerial: right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Coffee Grinder to Scoot: bottom-left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Josie Rizal

Fighting Style: Eskrima based Kickboxing

Nationality: Filipino

Representative Move:

One Two High Kick to Switch Stance: X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Intercept Kick: X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Flying Elbow: right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Destructive Impulse

Nationality: Data deleted

Representative Move:

Iron Breaker: X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

End Mill: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Unchained Upper: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-Y-button-18px


Master Raven

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Nationality: Unknown

Representative Move:

Pendulum Kick to Shadow: bottom-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Sudden Strike: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-A-button-18px

Poison Needle to Blind Ghost: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px during hit X1-B-button-18px

Eddy Gordo

Fighting Style: Capoeira

Nationality: Brazilian

Representative Move:

Mirage: bottom-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px

Knee Thruster to Heran Bago: left-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Ipanema Wings: During Negativa [X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px]


Fighting Style: Heihachi Style Kuma Shinken (revised)

Nationality: None

Representative Move:

Howling Bear: left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Anger Hook: left-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Honey Trap: bottom-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Feng Wei

Fighting Style: Chinese Kempo

Nationality: Chinese

Representative Move:

Iron Fortress: left-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Climbing Dragon: right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Landslide: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px


Fighting Style: Freestyle Karate

Nationality: American

Representative Move:

Giga Jacker: right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Combination Mince: bottom-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Cracker Tariata: top-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Miguel Caballero Rojo

Fighting Style: None

Nationality: Spanish

Representative Move:

Rompeolas: bottom-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Megawatt Uppercut: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Trinidad Slash: top-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Heihachi Style Kuma Shinken (revised)

Nationality: None

Representative Move:

Hip Smash: bottom-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Demon Uppercut: right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Bear Double Hop Kick Combo:  top-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px

Paul Phoenix

Fighting Style: Judo based MMA

Nationality: American

Representative Move:

Shoulder Smash: bottom-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Phoenix Smasher: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Demolition Man: bottom-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px

Marshall Law

Fighting Style: Martial Arts

Nationality: American

Representative Move:

Pressing Kick Combo: X1-A-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Backflipper: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Dragon’s Tail to Somersault Kick: bottom-left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Ling Xiaoyu

Fighting Style: Chinese Kempo influenced by Baguazhang and Piguaquan

Nationality: Chinese

Representative Move:

Bai Yang Zhuan Wu: right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

X Marks the Spot: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px

Phoenix Tail: During sidestep X1-A-button-18px


Fighting Style: Evolved Manji Ninjutsu

Nationality: None (formerly Japanese)

Representative Move:

Heshikiribarai: bottom-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Kamikaze: right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px

Oma Gehosen: left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px


Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling

Nationality: Mexican

Representative Move:

Jumping Knee Lift : top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px

Lift Jaguar Hook: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-X-button-18px

Body Blow: While crouching bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Brute Force

Nationality: Unknown

Representative Move:

Rushing Uppercut High: bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Jackhammer: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-X-button-18px

Mad Dozer: left-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Taekwondo

Nationality: South Korean

Representative Move:

Flamingo Shuffle: top-left-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Air Raid to Right Flamingo: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Peacekeeper: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-B-button-18px

Asuka Kazama

Fighting Style: Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts

Nationality: Japanese

Representative Move:

Demon Slayer: right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Basho’s Dance: X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-X-button-18pxX1-Y-button-18px

Leg Cutter: bottom-left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Devil Jin

Fighting Style: Unknown

Nationality: None

Representative Move:

Wraith Kick: top-right-w-15px X1-B-button-18px

Laser Cannon: left-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Heaven’s Door: right-w-15px star-PS4-15px bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px top-right-w-15px (must hit)

Steve Fox

Fighting Style: Boxing

Nationality: English

Representative Move:

Sonic Fang: bottom-right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Beat Down: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Knee Clipper: bottom-left-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Bartitsu

Nationality: Monegasque

Representative Move:

Peacock Jive: X1-A-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Mars Sword: right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px X1-A-button-18px

Backflip Spinning Edge: bottom-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18pxX1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18pxX1-B-button-18px

Bryan Fury

Fighting Style: Kickboxing

Nationality: American

Representative Move:

Chopping Elbow: left-w-15px X1-X-button-18px

Mach Breaker: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Hatchet Kick: bottom-w-15px bottom-left-w-15px left-w-15px X1-A-button-18px


Sergei Dragunov

Fighting Style: Commando Sambo

Nationality: Russian

Representative Move:

Disconnector: X1-A-button-18px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px

Stinger Elbow: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Russian Assault: right-w-15px right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px


Fighting Style: Bajiquan

Nationality: German

Representative Move:

Sheng Pao: bottom-right-w-15px X1-Y-button-18px

Qian Sao Lei Wang Quan: bottom-left-w-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-X-button-18px

Tiao Shan Pu Bu: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px


Fighting Style: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Representative Move:

Dark Wave: bottom-w-15px bottom-right-w-15px right-w-15px X1-X-button-18px  (or X1-Y-button-18px)

Rending Claw: bottom-right-w-15px X1-A-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

Rising Chaos: left-w-15px X1-X-button-18px X1-Y-button-18px X1-B-button-18px

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