Use left stick or D-pad with the other buttons to perform various moves. The basics of movement, attacking and defending will be covered here.

Basic Controls

Use D-pad to move as well as basic blocking.


Backward: top-left-15px
Vertical Jump: top-PS4-15px
Forward: top-right-15px or top-right-w-15px


Backward: left-PS4-15px
Dash: left-w-15px left-w-15px

Side Step

Background: top-w-15px
Walk: top-w-15px top-PS4-15px
Crouch: bottom-left+15px or bottom-PS4-15px
* Will Guard
* Cannot move backward


Walk: right-PS4-15px
Dash: right-w-15px right-w-15px
Run: right-w-15px right-PS4-15px

Side Step

Foreground: bottom-w-15px
Walk: bottom-w-15px bottom-PS4-15px
Crouch Forward Movement: bottom-right-15px


Low: bottom-left+15px or bottom-PS4-15px
High・Mid: left-PS4-15px or star-PS4-15px

* All actions refer to when the character is facing right.

Normal Attack

Use four buttons to do the basic punch and kick attacks.
*Steve will perform other actions when the kick buttons are pressed.

X1-X-button-18px Left Punch
X1-Y-button-18px Right Punch
X1-A-button-18px Left Kick
X1-B-button-18px Right Kick

Attack types

Attacks are separated into three areas of attacks on your opponent: high, mid, and low. Study your opponent and vary your attack type to be effective.

High Attack


Will hit a standing opponent. The opponent will not be damaged when they are crouching or performing a standing guard. Generally fast attacks with smaller vulnerable windows.

Mid Attack


Will hit a standing or crouching opponent. A standing guard will negate the damage. There are many moves that have a launcher effect.

Low Attack


Will hit a standing or crouching opponent. A crouch guard will negate damage and jumps may be used to avoid the attack as well. There are many moves that will cause the opponent to be downed.



Close-in on your opponent and enter the throw command to initiate the action. Throw damage tends to be large and varies depending on the grapple location.

Throw 1: X1-X-button-18px + X1-A-button-18px
Throw 2: X1-Y-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px
Long Range Throw 1: right-PS4-15px X1-X-button-18px + X1-A-button-18px
Long Range Throw 2: right-PS4-15px X1-Y-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px

Long range throws attempt to grapple an opponent while moving forward. The window before a grapple connects is large, but has a longer range than a regular attack and it is easier to grapple a sidestepping opponent.

Throw Escape

When an appropriate command is entered at the moment an opponent throw grapple connects, it is possible to escape the throw.

In order to perform a throw escape, press X1-X-button-18px or X1-Y-button-18px at the moment your opponent grapple connects.

Additional throws that are not listed above can also be escaped. The escape command corresponds to the last button pressed by the opponent in their throw move.

For X1-X-button-18px + X1-A-button-18px escape with X1-X-button-18px
For X1-Y-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px escape with X1-Y-button-18px
For X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px escape with X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px

Combos (continuous moves)

Chaining moves together can result in multiple combo hits. Performing multiple moves in a row is called a combo and is an effective way to deal damage.

Dash Attack

An attack that can be performed when there is a large distance in-between the characters. Narrows the distance quickly and performs an attack.

Runs for over three seconds and runs into an opponent.
Forces an opponent down and gains a mount position on the opponent. From the mount position, punches can be performed to do additional damage.

Shoulder Tackle
Run for over four seconds and runs into an opponent.
Runs towards an opponent and initiates a tackle. If an enemy is hit, they are blown back.

Run Chop
Run for over three seconds and press X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px.
Launches a mid hit cross chop dive. If it hits, the opponent will be downed.

Dash Sliding
Run for over 3 seconds and press X1-B-button-18px.
Launches a low hit slide. King and some other characters will perform a different move.

Special Attack

There are unblockable special moves as well as attacks that trigger under certain situations. These attacks do greater damage than regular attacks.


Enter a specific command to perform an unblockable special move. The command differs per character.

Clean Hit

Connecting with an attack at close range will result in a clean hit. However, not all moves will have a clean hit.

Counter Hit

When an opponent starts a move and you land a move before your opponent connects, it will result in a counter.



Use the two guard types to block damage from high, mid and low attack types. Understand the guard types to utilize them effectively.

Standing Guard: left-PS4-15px / star-PS4-15px
Block high and mid attacks but cannot block low attacks or throws.

Crouching Guard: bottom-left+15px / bottom-PS4-15px
Blocks low attacks while avoiding high attacks and throws (not including low throws). Mid attacks are not blocked.


Just before you hit the ground when you are downed, enter a command to ‘ukemi’ and get up quickly and ready yourself for the next move.

Backward Ukemi: left-PS4-15px
Create space between yourself and your opponent and stand up.

Quick Ukemi: right-PS4-15px
Moves forward and quickly gets up. This will be counted as an attack when you are rising. To perform these ukemi, while you are still in the air, choose a direction and leave it in that direction.

Sideways Ukemi: X1-X-button-18px or X1-Y-button-18px / X1-A-button-18px or X1-B-button-18px
Change your angle in relation to your opponent while performing an ukemi. Press X1-X-button-18px or X1-Y-button-18px to move to the background and X1-A-button-18px or X1-B-button-18px to move into the foreground.


Recovering from the downed position is when you are most vulnerable and easy to target. Use various recovery methods to avoid enemy attacks.

Backward Recovery: left-PS4-15px
Moves backwards a bit then stands up. Useful when trying to create some distance from your opponent.

Stand up in place: top-PS4-15px
Stands up from the downed position. Fastest way to stand back up.

Forward Roll: right-PS4-15px
Rolls forwards and then stands up. Useful to close the distance with an opponent.

Side Roll: X1-X-button-18pxbottom-PS4-15px + X1-X-button-18px
Rolls sideways and then stands up. Useful in changing the attack angle against an opponent.

Rising Attack: X1-A-button-18px / X1-B-button-18px
Performs a kick while getting up. X1-A-button-18px will be a low attack and X1-B-button-18px will be a mid attack.

Rising Check Kick When on your back: bottom-PS4-15px + X1-A-button-18px or bottom-PS4-15px + X1-B-button-18px
A kick that you can perform when on your back with your legs facing your opponent. Useful in stopping an opponent that is trying to follow-up with more attacks.

Spring Kick When on your back , select the directional button against the enemy and press X1-A-button-18px + X1-B-button-18px
A kick that you can perform when on your back, with your feet facing your opponent. It will launch a flying kick towards the enemy.

Rising Cross Chop When starting to roll forward X1-X-button-18px + X1-Y-button-18px
Will do a flying cross chop towards the opponent.


Controls when you have downed your opponent.

When your opponent has been downed without being able to ukemi, follow-up with additional attacks for extra damage.

Down Attack While jumping, press X1-Y-button-18px.
While jumping, an attack that is aimed downward will be performed. This move can also be performed on an opponent that has not been downed.

Step-on Attack Run for over 4 seconds and hit the opponent.
Run past an opponent while stepping on them. If the opponent is not down, this will turn into a shoulder tackle attack.

Gauge Move

Akuma and some other characters have a gauge move. This gauge will fill up while connecting with hits and taking hits (being blocked still fills the gauge). A special move can be performed by using a portion of the filled gauge. Check characters with a gauge in the command list for specific moves.


Move Effects

There are some moves that have additional effects. There are some moves that are easier to combo and others that help to swap between attacking and defending. Check out these moves in the command list. The moves will have an icon beside their name.

T7 Move-Effects Power Crush

A special type of move that will not be interrupted by taking a hit. Be aware that damage is still taken, so be careful in using this move when low in health.


T7 Triggering-Screws Triggering Screws

There are attacks that can trigger screws while opponents are in the air. They are useful to start large damage dealing combos.

T7 Power-Crush Homing Attack

These attacks are effective in tracking opponents that are side stepping.



Rage System

‘Rage’ status is triggered when there is less than a quarter of health left. Attacks are stronger and ‘rage moves’ become available.


‘Rage’ moves can only performed once a round. Once a rage move is performed, rage status is cancelled.

Rage Arts

A powerful move that has the destructive potential to flip the results. Not only do they have great destructive power, but also have additional effects.

The bleaker the situation, the larger the chance for a one hit comeback!



* The less health left, the greater the damage output.





While damage may be taken, will power through to the end!



* Even though hits are being absorbed, the move will go to completion. Damage will still be taken.



※ Check each characters command list for actual move commands.

Rage Drive

A super move with high damage output with additional effects.
※This differs per character. These commands are difficult to perform, however mastering them will offer greater attack options. Following are a few examples.

Even though the wall is far away, there is an attack that can blast them all the way to the wall. An opponent that has been blown back cannot do anything, which opens up an opportunity to pile on the damage.
Knock them back to the wall!

It is possible to mix these in with regular combos so try connecting them to deal major damage to your opponent.
Nail your combos!

Cancel your stationary state and close the distance to your opponent, continue to build on a combo and continue to press your attack.
Continue your Combo!

※ Check character command list to see what moves this affects.



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