Online features

Ghosts: View other players playing within your vicinity. However, you cannot interact with Ghosts.
Death replay: Touch the Bloodstains of other fallen players to view a replay of their death.
Vagrants: If you drop a certain item or lose a large amount of Humanity, those items and Humanity move to another player’s world and form vagrant enemies.
Synergy: When another player is nearby and casts specific magic, the magic cast increases in power.
Sharing of the kindling of the bonfire: Whenever your last-rested bonfire is kindled by another player online, you will automatically gain one Estus charge.


In co-op, up to three players can play together. The summoner is called the host and the summoned are the clients.

How to start co-op

The client writes a summoning sign using a specific item, and then the host finds the summoning sign and touches the sign to summon up to two other players. The host and the client(s) then play in the host’s world. In order to play online, host must be in human form.

Co-op goal

Players team up to defeat the area boss. Co-op ends if the area boss is defeated, if all the clients are defeated, or if the host is defeated. If the area boss is defeated, then the clients receive Humanity as a reward.


When you invade another player’s world, you fight each other to survive. The invading player is the client and the invaded player is the host.

How to start invasion

The invader’s goal is to defeat the host. If successful, the invader wins and the invasion ends. The host’s goal is to defeat the invader. However, if a boss battle occurs, the invasion ends. The winner gains Humanity., the loser loses Humanity.

Battle of Stoicism

From a certain point in the game, you will be able to access the Player versus Player mode, which is called “Battle of Stoicism”. It consists of two arenas, where players can battlke each other to win. Up to 6 players can engage in the same combat.

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