Battle of Gold

This mode lets you play through a special story featuring Gold Saints wearing God Cloths.
You’ll need to fight a series of three battles against competitors with connections to these Saints in order to complete each area and advance onward.

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In Battle of Gold, you can wage battles only in places where torches have been lit. Torches can be purchased at the Collection Shop.

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Battle Select

Initially you can try a battle at anyplace on the inner most circle where a torch has been lit. Once you win a battle on the inner circle of the area, you’ll be able to move on to the immediate outer circle (middle circle) battle of the same series, this way you can reach to the outer most circle battle for the same series.

1. Completed battle: A battle you’ve already won. Battles won with an S rank will have a blue flame; A-rank battles will have a red flame.
2. Battle name: The name of the currently-selected place.
3. Torch area: An area where you can light a torch.
4. Torches carried: The number of torches in your possession.

Lighting Torches

Select a place where a torch hasn’t been lit and press croix-PS4-15px to light a torch.
When you win the ensuing battle, you’ll be able to light another torch in a spot just outside the original location in the same series.

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Preparing for Battle

Use the Left Stick or directional buttons to select an area to light a torch. Once the torch is lit, press croix-PS4-15px and you’ll be taken to the battle preparation screen. Select “Start Battle” to begin a battle or “Equip Assist Phrases” to set up your Assist Phrases, then press croix-PS4-15px to confirm.

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Equip Assist Phrases

You can equip Assist Phrases before going into battle.
For more info, look up the “Equipping Assist Phrases” in the “Assist Phrases” section.

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Pre-Battle Loading Screen

Press croix-PS4-15px to confirm on the “Start Battle” option and after the cutscene proceed to see a loading screen depicting the battle characters.

End of Battle

Each battle consists of only one round.

If You Win

You’ll see the Battle Result screen. Press croix-PS4-15px to go to the Battle Select screen (also referred as character selection screen), where you’ll be able to select the next battle.

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If You Lose

You’ll move on to the “LOSE…” screen. When you press croix-PS4-15px on this screen you will get an option to “Battle again” or “Return to character selection” screen.

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If you perform well in battle and achieve S rank, the torch depicting that battle in the Battle Select screen will burn blue. If you earn blue torches for three battles located next to each other in the same series, you’ll be able to try the “EXTRA ROUND”.

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