Title Screen

Turning on the game will bring you to the title screen. Press any button to start the game and connect to the network. You will be taken to either the Online Lobby or the Offline Lobby based on your network connection.
Note: You can access the Offline Lobby even while connected to the network by pressing and holding the , , , and buttons on the title screen.

After Successfully Connecting to the Network

Select your region and then carefully read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Once you’ve done that, input your fighter name (your player name) to be taken to the Online Lobby.

After Failing to Connect to the Network (or When Playing Offline)

You will automatically be taken to the Offline Lobby.

Saving Game Data

This game uses an auto-save feature. The icon to the right will be displayed while the game is saving. Do not turn off the power while the icon is displayed. At least 66MB of free space is required on your system’s HDD (hard disk) to save your game data.

The Two Lobbies

While in the Online Lobby, you can interact with other players, challenge them to battles, and enjoy a variety of other online features. In the Offline Lobby, you will still have access to most of the game’s modes, but any features that require a network connection will be unavailable.

Playing Online

You can battle players from all around the world using the PlayStation™Network. You will need a PlayStation®Plus membership to participate in online battles.

Things to Consider When Playing Online

More information on network features can be found in your PlayStation®4 instruction manual. Please keep the following in mind when enjoying online gameplay.
-You agree to adhere to all relevant terms of service, codes of conduct, and laws while playing online.
-Do not purposefully disconnect from the network during an online match.
-Ensure that you have plenty of time to play and finish a match.
-Do not cheat or engage in unfair play.
-If your account is banned due to the violation of any of the above, you will be restricted to Offline Lobby access only.

Note: The quality of online service for this game is subject to network stability and thus cannot be guaranteed. Weaker connections may result in reduced speeds, loss of data, and/or disconnection from the network. Connections between players are also subject to variation in network connectivity and cannot be guaranteed.

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