SBC Glocken

The Gunner Home Base

You can always find plenty of players roaming around the SBC Glocken at any time of day, thanks to its wide array of useful facilities. It’s here that you’ll gather information and make preparations for your next big quest.

Base Station

The Base Station is a plaza where gunners gather. It’s also where you’ll find Argo, an intelligence broker who will buy and sell information on Weapon Arts.


You can use teleporters located within the SBC Glocken to travel to the governor’s office lobby, as well as any areas within GGO that you’ve unlocked.


In addition to your own player home, you can also visit Kirito and his friends in their room, as well as three types of squadron homes.


Shops are where you go to buy gadgets and equipment (including weapons, ammunition, outfits, and accessories) and to sell items in your inventory. As the story advances, more items will be added to each store’s stock for you to purchase.

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