Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Often referred to as the “Black Swordsman,” Kirito is a survivor of the terrifying death game Sword Art Online. In contrast to his appearance in other VRMMOS, in GGO he ends up playing a more feminine-looking avatar, complete with long, flowing black hair, much to his own surprise. Despite the game primarily revolving around gunplay, he decides to continue playing as a swordsman and chooses a Photon Sword as his primary weapon of choice. Nevertheless, he remains a highly capable fighter even when facing down the barrel of a gun, able to cut down bullets flying at him without breaking a sweat.


Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro

Sinon is a girl who found herself plunged into Sword Art Online as the death game was already unfolding, ultimately surviving it alongside Kirito and his friends. Fiercely independent and mature for her age, she often speaks in a calm, level-headed manner. Renowned for being one of the best snipers in GGO, she fires at enemies from afar using a high-powered anti-materiel rifle.


Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu

Asuna is another Sword Art Online survivor who served as the vice commander of the powerful SAO guild, the Knights of the Blood Oath. Although she generally maintains a kind, gentle personality around others, she has a strong sense of determination and can more than hold her own in a fight. So skilled is she with a blade that in both SAO and ALO, she has earned the nickname “The Lightning Flash” due to her beautiful, flashy swordsmanship. After meeting Kirito in SAO, the two decided to spend their lives together. In GGO, she chooses to fight using a slender assault rifle, given its resemblance to the rapiers she employed in previous games.


Voiced by Ayana Taketatsu

Kirito’s younger sister in the real world, Leafa is originally an ALO player who’s made a name for herself in Alfheim as a Sylph swordswoman.
In GGO, her primary weapon is an assault rifle, but, similar to Kirito, she wields a Photon Sword as her sub weapon, allowing her to utilize her fighting experience from her time in ALO to excel at close-range combat.


Voiced by Ayane Sakura

Kureha is the close childhood friend of the protagonist and the very person who invited them to join GGO, acting as somewhat of a mentor once they’re in the game. Bright, cheerful, and caring almost to a fault, she feels both deeply protective of and personally responsible for the protagonist. She plays GGO in order to feel strong and is always working her hardest to become stronger in the game.


Voiced by Mamiko Noto

Zeliska is a mysterious woman the protagonist meets in the course of the story who also has an ArFA-sys unit of her own. While she maintains a calm and cool demeanor around others, she’s nevertheless famous in GGO as an incredibly strong and skilled solo player. When she catches wind of the protagonist having acquired an ArFA-sys unit, she takes it upon herself to investigate the matter personally. Although she isn’t afraid to mince words when needed, when it comes to her own ArFA-sys, she’s a doting owner who loves to dress it up in cute outfits.


Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Itsuki is a genius GGO player who not only excels at combat, but also in his role as a born leader with a tactical mind capable of making clever use of traps and decoys, traits which have made him one of the best and most famous players in the game. As leader of the squadron Alphard, his handsome looks and communication skills have won him countless admirers.


Short for “Artificial Financial Adviser System,” ArFA-sys units are support AIs who can grow and learn over time, as well as participate in battles. In addition to their combat capabilities, they also have asset and item management functionality, making them all-around useful partners to have in GGO. ArFA-sys units come in several different types, with the protagonist’s unit, a Type-X, being especially rare and high-functioning…or at least it’s supposed to be…

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