Online Battle

Online Battle Top Menu

Select the game type you want to play from the Online Battle Top Menu. Follow the button guide on the bottom of the screen to view your battle record and Play Matching Voice.
*You must have an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online.
*Once you complete online authorization, you can receive a Login Bonus for logging in once per day.


Limited Time Only Events

Select «Limited Time Only Event» from the top of the menu to view ongoing Limited Time Only events. Select the event you wish to play from the list, then confirm to begin.


Online Battle Top Menu Options

Online Battle: Select a game mode and battle online.
Customize Character: Add or remove character accessories and make various edits.
Preset: Save the characters you want to use in battle in advance.
Ninja Info Card Menu: View your available Ninja Info Card parts, customize your own card, and look at cards you’ve traded with others.
Check Bingo Book: View your Bingo Book.
General Store Bandai: Purchase Collection Items.
Leaderboards: View the current Leaderboards.

Online Battle

Select the battle mode you want from the options available in the Battle Menu. You’ll then configure your session in the next sub-menu.


Battle Menu Options

Ranked Match: Battle with players worldwide for Leaderboard fame.
Player Match: Fight a one-on-one battle using whatever settings you want.
League: Fight against other players in a round-robin championship.
Tournament: Fight against other players in a tournament-style championship.
Endless: Fight an endless line of opponents and try to build the longest win streak possible.

Session Settings

Quick Search
Search for available sessions without defining any conditions.


Session Search
Search for available sessions that match your given conditions. Search conditions available depend on the battle type you selected.


Create Session
Define settings, create a session, and wait for opponents. You can also invite friends to your session unless you went for a Ranked Match.


Search Sessions

Once you find an opponent via Session Search, you’ll move on to the search results screen. Select an opponent, and you’ll then move to the lobby screen.


The Lobby

Select the action you want from the Room Menu options available. The lobby screen provides assorted data for your convenience.


host-page-35 Host

private-slot-page-35 Private Slots

single-match-page-35 Single Match

team-match-page-35 Team Match

number-of-rounds-page-35 Number of Rounds

one-by-one One by one

voice-chat-page-35 Voice Chat

side-by-side Side by Side

connection-status-page-35 Connection Status

Room Menu Options

Battle OK: Begin battle preparations. In Endless, once the top two players select «Battle OK», they will proceed to battle preparation.
*In tournaments, this cannot be selected unless you have 3 or more players.
View Battle Record: See your and your opponent’s battle record.
View Profile: See your opponent’s information.
Remove Player: In sessions you have made, you can use this to kick players from the lobby.
Invite Friends: Invite a player from your friends list to battle.
On standby: Play Free Battle while you wait for an opponent.
*This menu option is only available in ranked matches and player matches.
Leave Session: Leave the lobby and return to the Online Battle sub-menu.

Battle Flow

Character Select
Select your character before time runs out.


Select Stage
Select the stage to play in, if you’re the host.


If you’re playing a League or Tournament, the host can adjust the matchup table.

Fight out the battle.


End of Battle
What happens after battle depends on which mode you chose.


End of Battle

Ranked Match / Player Match: The game shows the results, then displays the End of Battle Menu.
League: Once all the battle results are announced, the game goes back to the league table. If there’s a tie for 1st at the end of the League, there will be a tiebreaker fight to crown the champion.
Tournament: The game returns to the tournament table, showing battle results from the top on down.
Endless: You’ll have a chance to battle different opponents or spectate on going battles.

Customize Character/Preset

Customize Character

You can create and save up to three customizations per character.


Customize Types

Substitution Select: Select the item to swap in for during a Substitution Jutsu.
*Not available for all characters.

Finish Cut-In: Select your Finish Cut-In Image.


You have the option of creating a team before starting play. Select the leader and support members you want from the character list.


Ninja Info Card Menu

This lets you view the Ninja Info Cards you’ve traded for, as well as edit your own card.


View Ninja Info Cards

See your online opponent’s ninja info cards. Use X1-LB-button-18px or X1-RB-button-18px to move between pages, and the X1-Y-button-18px button to sort them.
*You can keep up to 300 Ninja Info Cards. Once you go past that, your oldest cards will be overwritten with the new ones.
*You can lock Ninja Info Cards to prevent them from being overwritten. Up to 100 cards can be locked.


Edit Ninja Info Card

Edit Ninja Info Card Image
Select the image you want to put on your Ninja Info Card.


Edit Title
Select the titles you want to put on your Ninja Info Card. Press X1-LT-button-18px or X1-RT-button-18px to switch between the Title 1 and Title 2 tabs.


Edit Ninja Info Card Skin
Select the skin you want to put on your Ninja Info Card.


Edit Matching Voice
Select the Matching Voice you want to use.


Bingo Book

You can earn rewards for battling Bingo Book characters online. Your Bingo Book is updated once per day.


Check Bingo Book

View the characters you’re asked to battle for that day. Select a character to view the rewards you can earn for battling them.


Check Completion Count Rewards

View the available rewards, which change depending on your completion count.



This lets you view the Leaderboards, determined by the Battle Points (BP) earned in Ranked Match. Press the X1-A-button-18px button to change Leaderboard display conditions.


Types of Leaderboards

Use X1-LB-button-18px and X1-RB-button-18px to switch between Overall Rankings, Area Rankings, and Friend Order.


Options Available on Leaderboard Screen

View Your Ranking
Press the Menu button to jump to your place in the Leaderboard. If you’re out of the Leaderboard entirely, nothing will happen.


Display Battle Record
Select a player from the Leaderboard and press the X1-X-button-18px button to view that player’s battle record.


View Profile
Select a player from the Leaderboard and press the X1-Y-button-18px button to view that player’s Gamercard. Once you make a selection, you’ll be able to friend the player and send a message.


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