An introduction to the basics of battling in Story Mode, Adventure Mode, BORUTO’s Tale, Online Battle, and Free Battle.

Battle Rules

■ If you bring your foe’s health to 0 within the time limit, you win.
■ If both fighters’ health is the same after time expires, or they KO each other simultaneously, the round is a tie.
■ If time expires, whichever fighter has more health wins.

Pause Menu

Press the Menu button during battle to bring up the Pause Menu. The options available depend on which game mode you’re in.


In addition to basic combat, some battles have additional gameplay elements to work with.

Weapon Break
You may trigger an animation that destroys your foe’s weapon.


Armor Break
Strike your foe under the right conditions, and you may damage their costume, lowering their defense but boosting their attack.


Boss Battles
Onscreen buttons or afterimages show you what to do in these interactive action sequences.


Mob Battles
You may find yourself facing off against a mob of foes during the game story.


Preparing for Battle

Character Select

Select a leader

Select the character you want to use in battle. Press X1-LB-button-18px or X1-RB-button-18px to page through the character list.



Select Support Character

In a Team Match, you’ll select Support Character(s) to go with your leader.
* Press X1-LT-button-18px or X1-RT-button-18px to change character costumes in this screen, if any other ones are available.



Customize Selection
Press the X1-X-button-18px button to select a customized character.


Battle Settings

Adjust the battle options, if the current game mode lets you. Press the Menu button in the Character Select screen to access. Use the left stick or D-pad to change settings.


Ninjutsu Customization

Change the ninjutsu you’ll bring to battle. Select “Settings Complete” to proceed further.


Select Stage

Select the stage to fight in, if the current game mode lets you. In stages with a “Drop! Watch out!” icon, you’ll take damage if you fall into a pit.


Round Settings

You can set the number of rounds in an Online Battle or Free Battle. If you opt for three rounds, whoever wins two rounds first is the winner. You can also move around and change leaders between rounds.


Gauges at Start of Next Round

Life Gauge:  Round Winner > Retained from end of last round
Round Loser > Refilled to MAX
Chakra Gauge: Refilled to MAX
Substitution Gauge: Refilled to MAX
Storm Gauge: Resets to 0

Battle Screen


1. Life Gauge
Displays your current health.

2. Chakra Gauge
Displays your current chakra level.

3. Substitution Gauge
Required to use your Substitution Jutsu. This fills over time, among other ways.

4. Storm Gauge
This fills as you call for support or use moves that consume chakra. When it’s maxed out, you can perform a Linked Secret Technique.

5. Support Gauge
Displayed around your Support Character’s icon. Consumed when you use Support Ninjutsu or change leaders.


6. Time limit
The amount of time you have until the end of battle.

7. Ninja Tools
The types and quantities of Ninja Tools at your disposal.

8. Battle Round
The count of rounds in the battle. 

9. Ninja Treasure Notice
Fulfilling certain conditions during battle will allow you to acquire special Ninja Treasures. Upon acquiring a Ninja Treasure, a notice will appear on the battle screen to notify you of your acquisition. Ninja Treasures you have collected can be viewed in the Items List, which is accessible from the Main Menu in Adventure Mode and BORUTO’s Tale. Once acquired, Ninja Treasures can be exchanged for collection items at the General Store Bandai, which is accessible from Collection and the Online Battle menu.


Jump > X1-A-button-28px button

Leap into the air.


Double Jump > X1-A-button-28px button while jumping

Press the X1-A-button-18px button to jump, then press it again to execute a Double Jump.


Ninja Move > left stick + X1-A-button-28px button while jumping

Execute some fancy footwork in the direction you move the left stick to keep your foe flat-footed. Keep the X1-A-button-18px button held to execute a chain of Ninja Move sidesteps.


Ninja Dash > X1-A-button-28px button twice rapidly

Make a high-speed dash toward your foe. During a Ninja Dash, you’ll automatically deflect any kunai, shuriken, or other flying objects.



Strike Attack > X1-B-button-28px button

Execute a strike move.


Combo > X1-B-button-28px button rapidly

Execute a combo. Press the left stick in certain directions to change the type of combo. See the 1P (or 2P) Combo List in the Pause Menu to see what’s available.
* Some characters perform combos with the X1-X-button-18px button


Throw > Guard + X1-B-button-28px button

Throw your enemy. Throws cannot be guarded against.


Shuriken > X1-X-button-28px button

Throw a shuriken or kunai.



Guard > X1-RT-button-28px

Guard against enemy attack. Guard too many attacks in a row, and your foe will trigger a Guard Break and knock you out for a period of time. Move the left stick back and forth and press the buttons repeatedly to recover a little faster.


Substitution Jutsu > X1-LT-button-28px

Substitution Jutsu lets you dodge enemy attacks. One notch will be taken off your Substitution Gauge every time you perform one.


Counterattack > X1-RT-button-28px + X1-X-button-28px just when an attack lands

Get the timing just right, and you’ll counter your foe’s attack and send them flying.


Rebound > Hold down X1-A-button-28px when sent flying

Make a safe landing from a blow, letting you avoid losing any Chakra Spheres.


Ninja Tools

Use Ninja Tool > D-pad

Pressing down, left, up or right on the D-pad will activate the Ninja Tool assigned to each direction. You can assign Ninja Tools to directions from the Main Menu in Adventure Mode and BORUTO’s Tale.


Edit Ninja Tools

You can use Edit Ninja Tools to assign Ninja Tools to the D-pad from the Main Menu in Adventure Mode and BORUTO’s Tale. Select the Ninja Tool you wish to use from the list, then use the D-pad to choose a slot on the Item Palette. Press the X1-A-button-18px button to confirm, and the Ninja Tool will be assigned to the Item Palette. Ninja Tools can be purchased at shops.



Chakra Load > X1-Y-button-28px button

Release your chakra to surround yourself in a blue aura, letting you unleash assorted Chakra Load moves.


Refilling the Chakra Gauge

You can fill up the Chakra Gauge in two different ways: Hold down the X1-Y-button-18px button to perform a Chakra Charge, or pick up the Chakra Spheres dropped by foes when they hit the ground.

Chakra Charge



Pick up Chakra Spheres


Chakra Load Actions

Chakra Shuriken > Chakra Load + X1-A-button-18px button
Fire a shuriken that’s stronger than normal ones. Some characters might throw different weapons as well.

Chakra Dash  > Chakra Load +  button X1-A-button-18px
Dash towards your foe, automatically deflecting any kunai, shuriken, or other flying objects. This has more range and speed than a normal Ninja Dash. Hold the left stick back to execute a Chakra Back Dash with this move.

Charged Chakra Dash  > Chakra Load + hold X1-A-button-18px button
Dash along the ground with more range and speed than a Chakra Dash.

Ninjutsu  > Chakra Load + X1-B-button-18px button
Perform your character’s unique ninjutsu. Some fighters have air-based ninjutsu which change depending on how long you hold the button down.


Support Ninjutsu  > X1-LB-button-28px/X1-RB-button-28px

Use a Support Ninjutsu when your support character’s Support Gauge is at MAX.


Support Gauge

The Support Gauge is used when unleashing a Support Ninjutsu or changing leaders. It gradually refills over time.


Over 50%

Under 50%

Change Leader > right stick (move left or right)

If your support character’s Support Gauge is over 50% full, this lets you change control to that character. You can also do this during combos to connect the combo to the other character.


Support Actions

Once your Storm Gauge is full enough, your character will glow yellow and automatically launch a Support Action. Each character has their own Support Actions they can unleash.


Strike Back
Add an extra strike to moves that blow the enemy away. If your foe executes a Strike Back, press X1-LB-button-18px or X1-RB-button-18px to execute a Counterattack Substitute, regardless of how full your Storm Gauge is.

Cover Fire
Attack alongside your player when using Chakra Shurikens.

Charge Assist
Boosts the speed of a Chakra Charge.

Charge Guard
When a Guard Break triggers, your support character appears to guard for you.

Dash Cut
When your foe executes a Ninja Dash or Chakra Dash, your support character appears to guard for you.

Secret Technique Substitution
When your foe executes a Secret Technique, your support character takes the strike, leaving you undamaged. The support character will not be available for a period of time afterward.

Falling Substitute
When you fall into a pit, your support character falls in for you and puts you back in the field. The support character will not be available for a period of time afterward.

Secret Techniques and Awakenings

Secret Technique > X1-Y-button-28px X1-Y-button-28px X1-B-button-28px button

Perform your character’s unique Secret Technique.


Linked Secret Technique  X1-Y-button-28px X1-Y-button-28px X1-Y-button-28px X1-B-button-28px button

This becomes available if your Storm Gauge is maxed out. Using it brings the gauge back down to zero. Depending on who’s in your team, the final move launched might be a Combination Secret Technique.


Awakening  > Hold X1-Y-button-28px button until Awakening Lamp lights up

Once your Life Gauge goes below a certain level, the Awakening Lamp will appear next to your Chakra Gauge. Keep charging chakra to light the Awakening Lamp and unlock this move.


Awakening Combo

Perform an Awakening when your Storm Gauge is maxed out, and everyone on your team will Awaken at once. Depending on your team’s makeup, this could trigger an Awakening combo.


Elemental and Status Effects

Elemental Effects

If you’re hit by a Fire, Lightning, or Water-Style move, you’ll get an Elemental Effect. Once you do, your body will take continual damage. Elemental Effects go away quickly if you execute a Ninja Move.


Status Effects

Your character’s status may change after being hit by certain attacks, using certain Ninja Tools, or going out of an Awakening. When this happens, you’ll see a Status Effect icon underneath the Substitution Gauge.


Status Effect Icons

duel_state01 Strength Up
duel_state00 Strength Down
duel_state03 Defense Up
duel_state02 Defense Down
duel_state16 Movement Speed Up
duel_state15 Movement Speed Down
duel_state25 Better Chance of Guard Break
duel_state11 Life Gauge Drain
duel_state12 Cannot Take Action
duel_state29 Cannot Use Chakra
duel_state08 Automatic Substitution Jutsu
duel_state07 Awakened
duel_state06 Can’t Awaken (Post-Awakening)
duel_state17 Recovery Speed Up
duel_state22 Chakra Recovery Speed Up / Deflecting Enemy Shuriken
duel_state09 Easier to Build Chakra Gauge / Easier to Build Substitution Gauge

End of Battle


If you win the battle, you’ll see your battle score and money earned on this screen. Press the X1-X-button-18px button to view the requirements needed to earn bonuses.

Battle Score Screen



Bonus Requirements Screen



After boss battles in Story Mode, you’ll see your battle score in a simplified results screen.



After battle, the game will auto-save your progress and continue forward. Do not turn off the power while the auto-save icon is on screen.


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