Reversal edge

Reversal Edge: (can also be held down)

Go into a special stance and perform a special move. While in the special stance you will automatically parry your opponent’s attacks. If successful, you will go into a reversal edge clash.

Special stance Parry

By holding the D-pad down, you can even parry combos!
Disadvantages: you can’t use the move against break attacks or unblockable attacks.

Reversal Edge Clash Rules

Select an attack with either the , , or button.
(horizontal strike) beats (kick), but loses to (vertical strike).
(vertical strike) beats (horizontal strike), but loses to (kick).
(kick) beats (vertical strike), but loses to (horizontal strike).


Press , , or within the time limit and go for broke!

Non-Attacking Options

You can either guard or evade. Guard if you wish to avoid the reversal edge clash. Evade if you want to try and score more damage. Either way, success comes down to reacting to your opponent.

Advancing evade: : Evade horizontal attacks ()

Guard: : Defend against your opponent’s attacks.

Side stepping:  or : Evade vertical attacks ()

Retreating evade: : Evade kicks ()

The Disadvantages of Guarding

• If your opponent does a vertical attack, you will once again go into a Reversal Edge clash.

• Your guard may be crushed if you don’t have enough guard stamina.

The Disadvantage of Evading

• Other than the corresponding “Obtainable effect” attack above, you will lose against all the other attacks.

While reversal edges allow you to defend against all sorts of attacks, it’s not foolproof.

It is recommended you read the combat lessons to learn more: go to “Museum”, then “Combat Lessons”, followed by “Universal Tactics”.
Finally, select “Beginner 5: Reversal Edge Counters”, “Beginner 6: Reversal Edge Clashes” or “Reversal Edges (Supplemental Info)”.

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