The Lobby Screen

While in the lobby, you can move your Lobby Character around to interact with other players and access different game modes.

Interacting with Other Players

You can communicate with other players in the Online Lobby using preset messages and Z Stamps. Press the button to pull up a list of preset messages, and press the button to access a list of Z Stamps. You can also view a history of your interactions with other players by viewing the Chat Log.

Accessing Game Modes

The various modes of the game can be accessed by speaking to the receptionist in front of each facility in the lobby. You can also press to view a map of the entire lobby, where you can then select any facility and warp there instantly.
Note: When playing offline, some facilities will not have a receptionist and thus cannot be accessed.

Ring Matches

While in the Online Lobby, you can create a ‘Ring’, a special group where you can recruit other players to join you in battles known as Ring Matches. To play in a Ring Match, you will need to either host your own Ring or join another player’s Ring. There are two types of Ring Matches: a one-on-one normal Ring Match and a three-on-three Ring Party Match.
Note: There are two options available when joining a Ring Party Match: ‘Select Team’, where you can select which team you would like to join, and ‘Shuffle’, where you are randomly assigned to a team.

Creating/Joining a Ring

To create a Ring, press to access the Ring Settings screen, where you can customise various aspects of your Ring, such as how many players can join, battle rules, and desired skill level of players. Once you’ve finished making your selections, choose ‘Create Ring’ to generate a circle around your Lobby Character. To join a Ring, enter the circle around another player’s Lobby Character and speak to them. Ring Matches can be performed from the Ring Match screen.
Note: You cannot join a Ring that has already reached its maximum number of players. You can also restrict who joins your Ring by requiring that a password be entered to join.

The Ring Match Screen

Creating or joining a Ring will bring you to the Ring Match screen. Highlight your team on the player list and press the button to select from three different seats: Battle Seat, Standby Seat, and Spectator Seat. How a match is started will change based on the battle rules.

Ring Match : Select Battle Seat to begin a match. Once your opponent has selected Battle Seat and you are both ‘Ready for Battle’, the match will begin. If all Battle Seats are full, you’ll be placed in a Standby Seat until a Battle Seat is available. You can also watch matches between other players by selecting ‘Spectator Seat’.

Ring Party Match: Choosing ‘Select Team’ allows you to pick members for your team with the battle starting once a total of six players have joined. Choosing ‘Shuffle’ will randomly assign players to teams before starting the battle. You can also watch matches between other players by selecting ‘Spectator Seat’.

Closing/Leaving a Ring

Press the button to close (if the host) or leave (if a guest) a Ring.

Completing Quests

Completing quests will earn you Zeni and other rewards. You can view the details of your quests by pressing . You can also complete tutorial quests to unlock special daily quests in the Online Lobby that offer something new to do every day.

The Pause Menu

Press the Menu button to access the pause menu, where you can change various game settings and view details on quests and other players, among other things.

Player Info: View your records and current progress for each mode, as well as edit your player card.
Player List: View information on other players in the lobby, such as their battle records.
Customise: Add frequently-used preset messages and Z Stamps to your favourites, change your Lobby Character, edit your team, etc.
Guide: View completed quests, system messages, etc.
Options: Edit the following settings:
-Lobby Settings: Change how player names are displayed in the lobby, turn World Match preference confirmation on/off, etc.
-Screen Settings: Adjust screen brightness, change gauge positions on the battle screen, turn subtitles on/off, etc.
-Game Settings: Turn autosave replays on/off, change display settings for the in-battle pause menu, etc.
-Sound & Language: Adjust BGM, SFX, and voice volume, change voice language, etc.
-Button Settings: Change button configuration for attacks and other battle actions.
-Go Back: Return to the pause menu.
Quit to Title: Return to the title screen.
Close: Close the pause menu.

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