Battle Screen


❶ Time Limit: The time limit for battles and quests. If this time reaches zero, the quest ends in failure. If it reaches zero in Duel Mode, the character with the most HP left is the victor. If you have infinite time, you will fight until one character runs out of HP.

❷ HP Gauge: The player’s HP. You lose when it reaches zero.
When fighting together with a partner, the two share a single HP Gauge.

❸ Magic Gauge: The power needed to perform magic and Special Actions. The gauge depletes when you perform either, and recovers fully when you don’t use any magic for a set period of time.

❹ Player and Character Type: Shows the face and the character type of the player.

TSDS-Battle-BattleScreen-icone-vert Speed: Standard attacks and fast movement

TSDS-Battle-BattleScreen-icone-rouge Power: Strong attacks, with slow movement speed

TSDS-Battle-BattleScreen-icone-violet Magic: Proficient at magic, but all attacks drain the Magic Gauge

❺ Special Gauge: Filling this gauge lets you unleash a Special Move. The gauge fills by attacking enemies or taking damage.

❻ Partner and Character Type: Shows the face and character type of your partner.

❼ Partner Trust: The trust between the player and their partner. The higher the trust, the more likely a co-op attack can occur.

❽ Markers: Displays above the head of enemies and your partner.

TSDS-Battle-BattleScreen-icone-rouge-triangle Enemy

TSDS-Battle-BattleScreen-icone-bleu Partner

❾ Lock-On Marker: Mark that appears when you lock on to an enemy.

❿ Appeal Points: Points that increase by showing off in battle. The higher these points, the more likely your Hearsay Level will rise at the Results screen.


The basics for character movement in battle. Avoid attacks and move to the enemy’s rear.

Movement > Left stick

Run in the direction you tilt the left stick. Note: Power type characters move at walking speed.

Sidestep > R1-PS4-20px button + left stick

Allows you to move quickly over a set distance. Very useful for dodging and getting in close. Can be used on the ground or in the air.


Jump > croix-PS4-20px button

Jump in place. Tilt the left stick while jumping to jump in that direction.


Search Dash > croix-PS4-20px button twice

Move forward with a high-speed dash on the ground or in the air. When lock-on is active, you will dash towards the locked-on enemy.


Super Jump > carre-PS4-20px button + croix-PS4-20px button

A jump higher than the normal jump.


Mirage Step > R1-PS4-20px button + croix-PS4-20px button

Use magic to move instantly behind a locked-on enemy. Effective against guarding enemies. Note: Will not work if you’re too far away.

Guard > L1-PS4-20px button

Assume a guard stance, holding down the L1-PS4-15px button to guard against attacks from the front. Doesn’t work against attacks from the rear. If you guard at the moment an attack hits, you can execute a Mirage Step without consuming magic.



The most basic attack method.

Attack (Weak) > carre-PS4-20px button

A fast attack with low power but few openings.


Attack (Strong) > triangle-PS4-20px button

A powerful attack that sends foes flying, leaving them open for pursuit. Some characters can chain these together into a combo attack.

Power type characters will not flinch when taking damage at the beginning of a strong or weak attack, and damage received is reduced to 10%.


Combo Attack > carre-PS4-20px button repeatedly

Landing multiple hits on an enemy will change your attack into a combo attack. The number of blows in your combo changes depending on the character.


Shoot > rond-PS4-20px button

A long-distance attack that can hit foes from far away.

Characters that fire heavy-duty shots can cause enemies to flinch when the attack lands.



Moves that use magic to perform. The amount of magic used differs for each move.

Magic 1 > R1-PS4-20px button + carre-PS4-20px button

Meliodas’s “Full Counter”


Magic 2 > R1-PS4-20px button + triangle-PS4-20px button

Meliodas’s “Dash Slash”


Magic 3 > R1-PS4-20px button + rond-PS4-20px button

Meliodas’s “Blade Flash”


Special Move

A super-powered move you can unleash when the Special Gauge maxes out.

TSDS-Battle-Magic-4-EN TSDS-fleche-droite TSDS-Battle-Magic-6-EN

The Special Gauge fills by attacking enemies or taking damage.

Special Move > R2-PS4-20px button

A super-powerful move. The Special Gauge depletes completely upon activation. Refill the gauge to use the move again.

TSDS-Battle-Magic-7 TSDS-Battle-Magic-8


Locking on to an enemy will focus all attacks unleashed in battle on that enemy.

Lock-On ON/OFF > R3-PS4-20px button

▲Cursor with lock-on

▲Cursor without lock-on

Switch Targets > Right stick

You can switch between targets when multiple enemies are on-screen. The lock-on marker changes for versus characters and other characters.
Versus Character
Other Characters
Note: You can only switch targets in versus mode.

Camera Controls

Turning off the lock-on will let you use the camera controls.

Camera Controls > Right stick

Freely move the camera in any direction.
Note: Camera control settings can be changed in Camera Controls under Settings.

▲From above

▲From right

Reset Camera > L1-PS4-20px button

Reset the camera to face the enemy. Pressing the L1-PS4-15px button with lock-on OFF will reset the camera to the direction your character is facing.

Co-Op Attacks

When you have a partner, using 25% of the Special Gauge lets you request a Co-Op attack.

Call for Help > Down button

Requests a Co-Op attack.


◆Co-Op Attack Mode

If your partner accepts your Call for Help, Co-Op Attack mode will activate.
During Co-Op Attack mode, using magic
won’t consume any of the Magic Gauge.


If you chain enough attacks over a set period and max out the Co-Op Attack Gauge…


…you’ll unleash a super-powered finisher!


◆Partnership Gauge

Whether your partner accepts your Call for Help depends on the level of trust they have with you. The more TSDS-Battle-CoopAttacks-picto-rose marks there are the higher the trust, and the more likely they are to accept a Call for Help.

TSDS-Battle-CoopAttacks-picto-bleux3 ▲Low Trust

TSDS-Battle-CoopAttacks-picto-rosex3 ▲High Trust

Magic Traps

Destroying large objects like houses or boulders will cause magic traps to appear. Hitting a magic trap with attacks activates it, unleashing effects on player, partner and enemy alike.

▲Appears when a boulder is destroyed.


▲Attacking a magic trap will move it in the direction of the attack and activate it after a set period, inflicting damage in the area of effect.

◆Different Colours for Magic Trap Effects

Red: Explosion
Blue: Lightning
Yellow: Rock Shower
Purple: Lazer magic trap

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