Top Menu

Press touch pad button during gameplay to open the Top Menu, letting you view your characters’ stats and equipment before going into battle.

Top Menu Screen

The Top Menu lets you access the game’s menus, view character stats, and check out gameplay-related records. Use the directional buttons to select a menu option and press croix-PS4-15px button to confirm.
Shortcuts to menus can be set up in the Options screen. Once a shortcut is added, you can access the menu by pressing left button and right button during gameplay.


Character Window


Editing the Party

Bring the cursor to a character window with the directional buttons to edit the battle party. If you have five or more characters, the first four from the left will participate in battle and the rest will be on standby.


In battle, you’ll control the character with “1P” displayed on it in the character window. If you want to control another character, use carre-PS4-15px button to make the switch. You can also do this during battle.

tob-menu-top-03  tob-fleche tob-menu-top-04


The party top, or the character with the red flag over it in the character window, is the person you control in the map screen. If you want to change this, select a character and press triangle-PS4-15px button.



In the Top Menu, bring the cursor to a character window and press croix-PS4-15px button to view status that represent the character. These status change as you adjust equipment and set up new skills. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to switch characters.


● Status

Lv.: The character’s current level.
HP: The character’s current and maximum HP. The gauge shows remaining HP; if it his zero, the character will be knocked out from battle.
BG: The character’s current and maximum BG (Blast Gauge). This is consumed by casting Mystic Artes.
SG: The character’s current and maximum SG (Soul Gauge). This affects combos and is consumed by using artes.
EXP: The experience required to reach the next level. The gauge shows the current amount of EXP earned; when full, the character’s level goes up.
TOTAL EXP: The total amount of experience earned so far.
NEXT ARTES: The artes the character may learn at the next level.
Attack: Affects skills and the damage caused by artes/Mystic Artes.
Arte Attack: Affects the damage caused by artes, Mystic Artes, and Malak Artes.
Defense: Affects the damage taken from skills and artes/Mystic Artes.
Arte Defense: Affects the damage taken from arts, Mystic Artes, and Malak Artes.
Focus: Affects SG recovery speed and the chance of stunning an enemy during battle.

View Equipment Skills

Press triangle-PS4-15px button to display a list of equipment skills. This lets you see the effects of currently-activated skills, as well as the proficiency of skills associated with items.


Types of Equipment Skills

All equipment has three types of skills associated with it; these skills are then applied to the character when equipped. Go to the equipped skill list to see what skills currently apply to a character, or go to the equipment screen to view all the skills in your equipment.


Master Skill: The skill the equipment has from the beginning.
Enhancement Bonus: A skill added by enhancing the equipment.
Random skill: A different skill for each piece of equipment.

● Master Skill Proficiency

Earning a Grade in battle boosts the proficiency of the master skills in your equipment. When the gauge is full, it will show “MASTERED,” which means that the character has learned the master skill and will have that effect permanently, even if the item’s no longer equipped. Equipping the item after that point will duplicate the effect of the skill, effectively doubling its strength.


This menu lets you view and use your items, as well as dismantle equipment.

Item Screen

Select Items from the Top Menu to view the items in your possession by category. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to change categories. (Some categories have sub-categories; press L2-PS4-15px button or R2-PS4-15px button to change between these.) Select an item and press carre-PS4-15px button to throw it away or dismantle it.


Using Items

Some items can be used directly from this screen. Select the item first, then the character you wish to use it on.


This lets you view the artes you’ve learned and adjust which ones you can use in battle. It also lets you change the control mode for the character you control.

Artes Configuration

Select Artes from the Top Menu to view the artes configuration screen. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to switch between characters, press L2-PS4-15px button or R2-PS4-15px button to switch between Set Artes screen, Artes list screen, and the Break Soul/Mystic Artes screen.


Limited-Use Artes

The gauge next to an arte fills up as you use it. Once it’s full, the number of stars (proficiency level) will go up, boosting the effects of certain title skills. Using each arte as often as possible also boosts how much BG you recover at the start of battle.


Set Artes

Things like character skills and Malak Artes can be assigned to action buttons, in a progression of up to four stages for any of the action buttons. First select any of the action buttons to assign, then select the arte to assign to it. As you press the assigned button in the battle, your character will execute each arte in the order assigned to the button (if the control mode is set to Manual or Semi Auto). If “You Decide” is assigned to croix-PS4-15px button, pressing it in battle will execute a random arte.


Artes List

This lets you view the skills, Malak Artes, and so on you’ve learned. Select an arte with the cursor and press carre-PS4-15px button to adjust whether to use the arte or not when the character is not under player control.


Break Soul / Mystic Artes

This lets you view the Break Soul and Mystic Arte moves you’ve learned. Select a Mystic Arte with the cursor and press carre-PS4-15px button to adjust whether to use the arte or not when the character is not under player control.


Changing Control Modes

You can select one of three control modes (how the character acts in battle) for each of your characters. Press the OPTIONS button to change control modes.

● Control mode types

MANUAL: All actions are controlled by the player.
SEMI AUTO: Most actions are controlled by the player, but the game adjusts the timing of attacks for you.
AUTO: The character behaves automatically, following their assigned Strategy.

Playing with 2-4 Players

If you have enough wireless controllers, up to four people can join battle at the same time. The Top Menu will show you which player is controlling which character. You can change control modes during battle when playing with multiple players by pressing touch pad button followed by L1-PS4-15px button or in Artes menu.



Your equipment is divided into categories -Weapons, Accessories, Rings, Shoes and Fashion. The skills applied to equipment can have assorted effects on characters.

Equipment Screen

Select Equipment from the Top Menu to view the equipment screen. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to switch displayed characters, and press triangle-PS4-15px button to switch to the equipment skill list.


Changing Equipment

Select the area of the body whose equipment you want to change, then select the equipment to place on there. To remove a piece of equipment, select it and press carre-PS4-15px button.
*Weapons cannot be removed.



Each character has a unique title, each of which has skills associated with it that automatically trigger when the title is equipped. Select the Title category at the bottom of the equipment list to change titles.


Titles can be earned by meeting certain conditions. If you meet the same conditions again, the title will go up a rank and have new skills associated with it. Titles can go up a maximum of three ranks, with a total of four skills assigned to them.



The Fashion screen lets you decorate your characters with hair, costume and attachments earned in events and elsewhere.

Fashion Screen

Select Fashion from the top menu to open the Fashion screen, letting you change how your characters look. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to switch characters. Press the OPTIONS button to open the Custom Set menu, which lets you design up to five visual looks per character. Select Load to change your character’s outfit to the look you’ve saved previously.


Editing Attachments

Some attachments, if you select them in a set and press triangle-PS4-15px button, you can have their positions and colors changed. Select the option to edit and then press croix-PS4-15px button. While editing, press R2-PS4-15px button and use right stick to change the character’s position. Move right stick up and down to enlarge or shrink the character, or move right stick left and right to rotate.
* Some attachments have restricted editing options.

● Editable options

Standard position: Lets you adjust the position of the attachment.
Placement / Rotation /Size: Lets you freely move, rotate, or resize the attachment.
Color: Lets you change the attachment’s color.
Restore Defaults: Reset all edits and return the attachment to its default mode.


This lets you adjust the behavior of characters not under your control in battle.

Strategy Screen

Press up button or down button or move left stick up or down to select a character, press left button or right button to select an option to edit, and press croix-PS4-15px button to display a list of strategies available. Select a tactic and press croix-PS4-15px button to put it in place.

tob-menu-strategy-01-en tob-fleche tob-menu-strategy-02-en

● Adjustable options

Action: The character’s basic behavior, defining how they fight enemies in battle.
Tactics: Defines how the character should attack a foe, and how far a distance they should fight from. Select “Aim for Weakness” to fight by attacking with the enemy’s weak element, not their strong one.
Attack / Healing: Defines the frequency of attacking and healing based on percentage of HP remaining.
Blast: Defines whether to use your BG on Switch Blasts or Mystic Artes based on the given situation.
Break Soul: Defines how to use Break Souls. Select “Do not Use” to not use Break Souls at all.


This lets you dispatch a scout vessel to the Expedition to search for assorted items. The more ships you dispatch, the higher your exploration level goes, helping you earn better exploration results.

Expedition Screen

Select Expedition from the Top Menu to dispatch a search vessel to assorted areas. Dispatched ships will have “Exploring” displayed on them, as well as the time remaining until they return.


● Expedition menu

Dispatch: Dispatches ships to assorted places.
Skill list: Shows a list of acquired exploration skills and their descriptions.
Treasure: Shows the hidden treasures you’ve obtained so far.

Dispatching Ships

Select “Dispatch” from the Expedition menu to select an area to dispatch a vessel to. Use the directional buttons or left stick to choose, and press croix-PS4-15px button to confirm your choice. If an exploration skill is activated, it will take effect for the expedition.


When the Ship Returns

When a search vessel returns, you’ll earn experience and rewards based on the number of pirate ships defeated during the expedition. Once you have enough experience, your exploration level will go up. Depending on where the ship was sent, you may also find new areas or earn hidden treasures and cooking recipes. Finding hidden treasures helps you earn exploration skills.
* If you earn an exploration skill for a character who’s not in your party yet, the skill will not take effect immediately. It will only take effect once the character joins your party and you dispatch a search vessel again.



If you have any recipes, this screen lets you use the ingredients earned in your adventure to cook. Eating the food that results refills your party’s HP and applies assorted effects to the next battle you fight.

Who’s Cooking?

The Cooking menu lets you define what food to eat after battle, as well as who’s doing the cooking.


Eating Food

In the Cooking menu, select the food you want to prepare, then the character who will make the dish. Eating food fully refills the HP of everyone in the party. The food will also apply assorted effects to the next battle you fight, if all conditions are met.



As a character cooks food, their cooking level will go up. When their level goes up, they’ll be able to earn new cooking skills and boosted skill effects.

Cooking Skills

This shows the cooking skills the character has learned. Cooking skills may be learned after satisfying certain conditions; you have a chance of learning them after eating food as well. Press L1-PS4-15px button and R1-PS4-15px button to change characters.


● Example cooking skills

10% Less Stun Effects: When the conditions are met, reduces the effect of being stunned by 10%.

☆1 Recipe Proficiency: Creates a chance that you will sometimes not consume your ingredients when making a ☆1 recipe. The higher your cooking level, the more likely this will happen.


The Library screen lets you browse through assorted information that’ll help you in the adventure.

Library menu

Select Library from the Top Menu to open the Library menu. Select an option and press croix-PS4-15px button.



A synopsis of the story so far. Move right stick up and down to scroll.



Select System option for an explanation of the system and controls for the map and menu screens; select Battle option for an explanation of fighting and battle controls. Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to change between System and Battle. Move the right stick up and down to scroll text. Use directional buttons or left stick to select any help.


Code Red Hunts

Lets you view the Code Red Deamon sighting information and hunt status for Daemons you’ve heard about so far.



When you go to an area with the 18_icon07 icon in the minimap or location map, talk to certain people, or examine certain objects, you may trigger a sub-event. These events are unrelated to the main story, but they can earn you items and give you extra insight into the story you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


Enemy Book

The book contains info on the enemies you’ve fought, their weaknesses and resistances, where they appear, and so on. Select an enemy and press left button or right button to switch between data.


Enemy Types

Enemies are classified into 12 types, although some enemies may have two or more types. Some artes and skills may be more damaging to certain skills.

● Types

19_icon_01 Beast

19_icon_02 Crustacean

19_icon_03 Amorphous

19_icon_04  Apodous

19_icon_05 Winged

19_icon_06 Demihuman

19_icon_07 Armored

19_icon_08 Undead

19_icon_09 Fiend

19_icon_10 Dragon

19_icon_11 Person

19_icon_12 Unknown


Some enemies may be either weak against or resistant to certain elements. If you strike an enemy at its weakness, you’ll see “WEAK” displayed in red and deal more damage than usual. If you strike an enemy with a move it’s resistant to, you’ll see “RESIST” or “INVALID” in blue and deal less damage than usual. If you see “REFLECT” in yellow, the attack will be fully deflected and you won’t deal any damage at all.

● Types of elements

19_icon_13 Fire
19_icon_14 Water
19_icon_15 Wind
19_icon_16 Earth
19_icon_17 None

Equipment Book

This lets you view information on the equipment you’ve obtained so far.


Player Records

This shows you the total amount of time played, number of battles, Gald spent, and other data related to your adventure.



This lets you save your progress in the game and load previously-saved games. The Options menu lets you adjust assorted in-game options.

New Save

Select this when you’re on a save point to save your progress. If you try to overwrite save file that already has save data in it, the old file will be deleted.



Loads save data and lets you continue from where you last saved the game. If you load a previously-saved file, any unsaved progress you’ve made since that save will be lost.



This lets you adjust the game’s options. Press the touch pad button to save your changes and exit. Select “Restore Defaults” to reset all options to their defaults.

● Options

Battle Difficulty: Lets you change the difficulty of battles.
Input Buffer Window: Changes the timing at which button inputs are accepted during an arte combo. Choose between Short (the default) and Long (longer input time than usual).
Battle Controls Configuration: Lets you change the button assignments during battle.
Subtitles: Lets you toggle subtitles during events and movies on and off.
(Left button) Menu Shortcut: Changes the menu displayed when you press left on the directional buttons in the map screen.
(Right button) Menu Shortcut: Changes the menu displayed when you press right on the directional buttons in the map screen.
Vibration: Lets you toggle wireless controller vibration on and off.
Map Camera Rotation Speed: Lets you adjust the rotation speed when you move the camera with the right stick on the map screen.
Map Camera X-Axis: Lets you adjust how horizontal control of the camera works. Select Normal for regular controls or Inverted for inverted controls.
Map Camera Y-Axis: Lets you adjust how vertical control of the camera works. Select Normal for regular controls or Inverted for inverted controls.
Map Camera Auto-Adjust: Lets you toggle map camera auto-adjust. Select On or Off for camera adjustment (whether the camera automatically rotates based on the movement of your character).
Geoboard Camera: Lets you toggle the Geoboard camera on and off.
Sound Output: Lets you toggle between stereo or surround-sound output.
Skit and Battle Voices: Lets you define whether voices during skits or battles should be output from the TV Speaker only, Wireless Controller Speaker only or TV speaker and Wireless Controller Speaker.
Music Volume: Lets you adjust the music volume.
SFX Volume: Lets you adjust the volume of sound effects.
Voice Volume: Lets you adjust the volume of voices.
Movie Volume: Lets you adjust the volume of the anime movies.

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