Map Screen / Viewing the Screen

In the map screen, you control your characters as they adventure across the game world. Keep an eye out for enemy symbols as you work your way through dungeons and open fields.

Viewing the Map Screen

Move the left stick in any direction to run. Press rond-PS4-15px button while using the left stick to walk.


Location Map

Press carre-PS4-15px button to enlarge the minimap and display a full location map that shows your current location and goal point. On the location map, use the right stick to scroll around the area, hold down L2-PS4-15px button and use the right stick to expand or shrink the map.


World Map

Press triangle-PS4-15px button on the location map to open the world map, giving you information on the areas you’ve visited so far. Press carre-PS4-15px button to switch between a list of events and a list of locations, and press triangle-PS4-15px button to zoom out.


Viewing Skits

Press triangle-PS4-15px button when a skit title (or key help) is being displayed to view a skit, where the characters in your party talk to each other. If you want to skip the skit, hold down R1-PS4-15px button and press croix-PS4-15px button.
* You can also select Skip from the Pause Menu to skip skits.


Exploring the World

Talking and Examining

Press croix-PS4-15px button near a person with a word balloon above their head to talk to them. You can also press croix-PS4-15px button near things like dungeon traps and places with the cursor to the right to push, examine, or perform another suitable action on the object.


Geoboard Transport

As you proceed in the game, you will obtain a Geoboard. Hold down R2-PS4-15px button in an area with a freed Divination Tree to get on the Geoboard, letting you travel faster than usual. On your Geoboard, if you collide with a weaker enemy, the enemy’s symbol will disappear without you having to go to battle.
* You can still go into battle if using a Dark Bottle.


Key Help

On the map and in menus, you will see Key Help messages displayed that show you what actions are available in your current position. Use these messages as a guide to make gameplay easier.


Treasure Chests / Treasure Points

Examine a treasure chest to obtain materials, equipment, and other items. You can also examine Treasure Points (areas with sparkle effects on them, etc.) to obtain a random selection of items.
* If you examine a closed treasure chest after already opening it earlier, the contents will be random.


Katz Box

These objects, soul-like creations of Katz, are scattered throughout the world. Collecting them allows you to open the Katz Boxes, which have Katz inside. Opening enough of them could lead to rewards later on.

Katz Spirit
Katz Box


As you proceed in the game, you’ll unlock new methods of transport for yourself. Use them to help you proceed with your adventure more efficiently, although they may not be available for use at all times.

Ship: Sail the seas to other continents.
Inoph Bottle: Use in towns or on the field map to jump to towns you’ve previously visited.
Denore Bottle: Use to escape from dungeons.
Warp Point: Instantly warps you to previously-unlocked warp points on the current map.


Towns contain a variety of services for you to use. You can buy items at shops and heal your HP and so on at inns, letting you prepare for the journey ahead.


Shops let you buy and sell items. Talk to the shopkeeper to open the Shop Menu. Select Buy or Sell and you’ll see a screen like the one below. Select an item using up button or down button, use left button or right button to decide the quantity of the item, and press croix-PS4-15px button to buy or sell.




As you buy/sell items and power them up at a shop, you’ll fill up a gauge. When this is full, the shop’s rank will go up, giving you access to a wider selection and discounted prices.

Enhance and Dismantle Items

As you proceed in the game, the Enhance and Dismantle options will become available at shops, letting you use materials to Enhance the items and Dismantle them down to their raw materials. The materials earned for dismantling items vary depending on equipment rank, number of times it was enhanced, and skills attached to it.
* You can also dismantle items with the Items option in the menu.
* Dismantling an item will make it disappear.



Stay at an inn to heal the entire party’s HP and BG.

Code Red Daemons

Work givers around the world will have tips for you related to Code Red Daemons hunting. Follow their advice to track down and kill the Daemons, then go back to the person to receive a reward.
* These Daemons can be found and defeated even if no one has specifically pointed you to them yet.


Equipment Lineup

The equipment found in shops is all one-of-a-kind and will be sold out once you purchase it. After a while, the lineup will change and the same equipment will be put back on sale, perhaps with a different skill assigned to it.

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