Cast of Characters

Velvet Crowe

Voice: Rina Sato
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 170cm
Race: Daemon (?)

Once a simple, open-hearted country girl with a caring family backing her up, Velvet’s life changed dramatically following an incident three years ago. Bottling up her kindheartedness, she burns with a cold, intense passion — a passion that drives her forward as she begins to upend the world around her. Her bandaged left arm has been transformed into something monstrous, an affliction caused by the mysterious power that consumed her during that fateful incident.

Daemonblight: An illness that transforms people into monsters. Most of its victims go mad and start attacking human beings, although some do manage to retain their wits.
Daemon: A human transformed into a monster. The blight affects its victims in assorted ways, and Daemons can come in many hideous shapes and sizes.
Malakim: A race that is freely capable of casting magic. They have no sense of self, and most of them are used as casters by the Abbey and their Exorcists. hideous shapes and sizes.


Voice: Azumi Asakura
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Height: 142cm
Race: Malakim

A boy who was used since birth as a tool for his magical abilities, without even the benefit of a name. To him, life is all about following his master’s commands, without emotion, without thinking for himself. This robotic personality peeves Velvet at first, but as he travels with her and learns more about the world, the real him begins to bubble to the surface. Before long, he becomes an emotional support for the rage-driven Velvet as she continues her journey.


Voice: Daisuke Kishio
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 180cm
Race: Daemon

A gregarious free spirit of a swordsman, openhearted enough even to deal with the relentlessly rage-driven Velvet. He fell to the Daemonblight several years ago, but takes it in stride as he uses his newfound powers to hone and refine his sword skills, the Daemon transformation not affecting his mind. He helps his companions in many ways, following faithfully behind Velvet and finding his hands full with the emotionless Laphicet.

Eleanor Hume

Voice: Ami Koshimizu
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Race: Human

A gifted, powerful Exorcist in the service of the Abbey, working tirelessly to rid the world of the Daemon scourge. She is meek and often wears her emotions on her sleeve, something she is fully aware of and attempts to eliminate through sticking to her own high morals. She crosses swords several times with the Abbey-hating Velvet, but later events cause her to reluctantly join her side.

Exorcists: Holy fighters with the ability to engage and defeat Daemons. They cast spells using their Malak companion’s skills in order to protect mankind.
The Abbey: A group of Exorcists created by the empire in order to save its people from the threat of Daemons. They lead the empire’s political and military circles, under the motto of fighting for good and bringing peace and order back to the world.
Scarlet Night: A night when the moon rises in a vivid shade of red. It is rumored that this phenomenon is linked with the Daemonscourge somehow.


Voice: Satomi Sato
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 160cm
Race: Human

A self-styled “great sorceress” and “magician’s guild leader” whose apparent penchant for tall tales makes her true self difficult to gauge. She generally acts disaffected and tries not to get tangled up in other people’s affairs, although that doesn’t stop her from often having her (uninvited) say. She keeps the mood generally light and airy for her companions, although she does show a dark sorceress’ side with the occasional verbal jabs she lobs at Velvet.


Voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Gender: Male
Age: 30 externally (1000 internally)
Height: 187cm
Race: Malakim

The vice-captain of the Aifread Pirates and a man feared as a “Death God”. Despite his Malak blood, he sails the seas with his human crewmates, marching to the beat of his own drum. Velvet encounters him as he searches for Van Aifread, his missing captain, and they team up in order to confront the Abbey, their common nemesis.

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