Viewing the Battle Screen

This section will explain the battle HUD. The HUD mainly shows the current status of your character, as well as various different kinds of information depending on the situation. Keep an eye on what the HUD shows you while you do battle.

The Battle Screen

Keep an eye on your “Health” and “Magic” Barrier gauges, and use your Magic wisely to fight the enemy team.

Chat Log: Displays chat messages.

Team Status Display: Displays the current status of your team members.

Obtained Relics

Ultimate Magic Gauge

Down Log (shows defeated allies and enemies)

Health/Magic Barrier Gauge


Magic Icon

Health/Magic Barrier Gauge

Your Health is shown in blue, while the Magic Barrier is shown in yellow. The numbers over the gauge show the total value of your Health and Magic Barrier (current/maximum value).
Taking damage will reduce your Magic Barrier, and when the gauge runs out, damage will reduce your Health. If your Health runs out, you will be incapacitated, and can return to the battle after a certain interval. If you do not sustain damage for a certain period of time, your Magic Barrier will quickly regenerate, while your Health will regenerate gradually. If you find yourself in danger, prioritise regenerating your Magic Barrier by running away or hiding.

Ultimate Magic Gauge

This gauge will fill as time passes, when you land magical attacks, etc., and when the gauge is completely filled, you will be able to activate Ultimate Magic. There are two types of Ultimate Magic: that which consumes the whole gauge when used, and that which takes effect as the gauge gradually depletes.

Magic Icons

The status of your Magic other than Ultimate Magic is shown using icons here. When you use Magic, its corresponding icon will grey out, and you will be able to use the Magic again after a cooldown period. Some kinds of Magic can be used several times in succession, and the number of available uses will be shown above the icon. These will also replenish after a period of time has passed.

Magic Details Screen

Press the touch pad button during battle to display the Magic Details screen. The information shown on this screen includes the Magic available to the character you are controlling, your abilities, and the equipped Grimoire Card deck.

The Pause Menu

Press the OPTIONS button during battle to display the pause menu, where you can stop the battle and configure some settings. The options available in the pause menu vary depending on which mode you are playing in.
Be aware that using the pause menu during Online Battle and Training will not pause the action, so be mindful of the current situation if you want to open it during battle.

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