Here, you can practise the controls for each character. There are two types of training: “Practice”, where you can practise alone, and Mock Battle, in which you can practise with a CPU team.


“Practise” the controls by yourself, matched against a group of Royal Magic Knights. This mode takes place in the Siosa Forest map only, where you can use the various situations the map allows for to practise until you feel confident.

Mock Battle

Battle against CPU opponents using normal Online Battle rules. You can freely choose the rules, map and team configuration to play a team match that simulates a real Online Battle match.

Mock Battle Settings Screen

Select Training→Mock Battle from the main menu to go to the Mock Battle settings screen, where you can create teams by setting the other player slots to CPU or blank. Set up and choose the teams, rules and map, then select Start Game to go to the character selection screen.

Selecting a Character and Grimoire Card Deck

After selecting Practice or the Start Game option from the Mock Battle settings screen, you will be taken to the character selection screen. There is no time limit for choosing a character in Training.
When playing Mock Battle, you can choose a deck before the start of the match. In Practice, you can change your deck from the pause menu while in battle.

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