You can enjoy the game’s original story in Story mode, or learn the controls for each character through the various episodes of Challenge mode.

Starting the Story

Select Story from the main menu screen to go to the episode-selection screen. Press the button to change the difficulty between three different settings. Additionally, you can also select an episode you have cleared previously and then press the directional buttons left or right to switch the character to control.

Starting Challenge Mode

Select Challenge from the main menu screen to display the episode-selection screen. The number of available episodes will increase the more episodes you clear.


After the events of the episode you have selected play out, the battle will begin. Your current objectives will be displayed in the top right of the screen, and these must be achieved. Achieve all the objectives to clear the episode, at which point you will return to the episode-selection screen and receive a Clear Reward (Money).

Current Objective


The episodes of the Story and Challenge modes each have designated missions. As you clear missions, the details of the mission you have cleared will be displayed at the top of the screen, and completing all of these will grant you rewards in the form of special titles that can be used in Online Battle, as well as Money. Mission details can be viewed at the episode-selection screen or the pause menu.


If you are incapacitated, you can press the button to retry, or the button to retire.

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