Online Battle

Go online to enjoy multiplayer battles of up to 8 players from across the world. There are two types of battle mode: Ranked Match and Custom Match.

The Online Menu Screen

Select Online Battle from the main menu to go to the Online menu screen. Select options from the menu to start a multiplayer battle or view the ranking.

Player Card: Press the  button to edit your Player Card by changing your Player Icon, film, and title.

 The Online Menu

Battle Record: You can check your Battle Record to date. Press the or  button to switch the character that you want to see records for.

■ Online Menu Description

Ranked Match: In these matches, the results of the battle affect your Battle Record. You will receive rank points depending on the outcome of the battle, and when you accumulate a certain amount of points, your Magic Knight Rank will increase, allowing you to compete with more skilled players. Once you reach a certain rank, you will lose points when you lose a battle, and after losing a certain amount of points, your rank will go down.

Custom Match: Your Magic Knight Rank and Battle Record will not be affected by the outcome of Custom Matches. Select this option to create or find a room, then enjoy casual online matches against other players in the room.

Ranking: See the current global and local rankings for Ranked Match battles.

Magic Knight Level

Your Magic Knight Level increases as you earn experience points by taking part in Ranked Match battles. When your level increases, you will obtain rewards such as Money and Grimoire Cards.

Starting a Ranked Match Battle

Select Ranked Match from the Online menu to go to the matching screen. Press the  button to start matching, and once eight players have been assembled, you will begin match preparations. Additionally, you can press the  button at the matching screen to invite players registered as friends to the Ranked Match battle, matching you to the same team.

Options While Waiting for Matching

During the standby period before matching starts, you can press the button to return to the main menu and practise the controls in Training or change settings for your character in Customize. You can also cancel matching by holding down the OPTIONS button.

Connection Environment

To play in online matches, you must have an Internet connection and Playstation®Plus membership. You should also have ‘Successful’ shown for all applicable items of the PS4™ system’s internet connection test, and a NAT type of 1 or 2.
For more details on connection environments, please see the PlayStation Fix & Connect ( section of the PlayStation Support website.

Starting a Custom Match Battle

Select Custom Match from the Online menu to go to the room-search screen, where you can browse rooms created by other players. You can also create your own room and invite friends, or recruit for players matching certain criteria.

Joining a Room

Select a room that you wish to join from those displayed on the room-search screen. You can press the button to refresh room information, and the button to filter the rooms based on your chosen criteria. Once you have joined a room, select OK. Once every player in the room has selected OK, the creator of the room can select Start Game to begin match preparations.

Creating a Room

Press the OPTIONS button, then select Room Settings→Create Room. Next, select your desired match rules and map, then select Recruit Players to create a room and have it be displayed on the room-search screen to other players. Once the players have gathered, select Start Game to begin match preparations. Note that even if you do not have a full group of eight players, you can set the empty slots to be CPU players or blank, allowing you to start the match with the players that have been recruited so far.

Match Preparations

You will select a character to control before starting the match. You can press the / buttons to change the character’s outfit, and press the touch pad button to view Magic Details.
Once all players have selected their characters, you can then choose your Grimoire Card Deck during the standby period before the match. Each character has three decks, with the character’s abilities varying depending on the deck equipped. Once the time limit has been reached, the match will begin.

Results Screen

After the match, the results screen will appear, where you can check your Battle Record. If playing a Ranked Match battle, you will also be able to see the Rank Points you earned, and a vote will be held to award stars to the team’s Most Valuable Magic Knight. You will earn a bonus to Magic Knight Level experience points earned depending on the number of stars received.

Returning After Being Incapacitated in Battle

If you are incapacitated in battle, you will be able to return to the Team Base or an ally’s position after a certain period of time has passed (note that you cannot return to the position of an incapacitated ally). Additionally, if an ally uses a Resurrection Orb before you choose a location to return to, you can return to the location where you became incapacitated. While you are incapacitated, you can press the button to change the deck you have equipped, or press the touch pad button to view Magic Details.

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