Change character outfits, Grimoire Card Decks and voices. Press the / buttons to change characters, and the / buttons to change categories.

Changing Outfits

You can change character outfits. Press the up and down directional buttons to select an outfit and see a preview, then press the button to confirm. You can also rotate the character left and right by tilting the right stick.

Changing Voices

Change the voice lines played for each character when the player chooses to do so in battle. Up to five voices can be set. Select an unconfigured voice from the list to display the Voice Edit menu. Press the   button at the list screen to hear a preview of the currently selected voice.

Changing Grimoire Card Decks

You can change the Grimoire Card Deck equipped to each character. Each character has three different decks available. Additionally, while some decks might share the same name between characters, their effects will be different. Press the up and down directional buttons to select options from the deck list, and press the button to change the equipped deck.

Editing Decks

Select a deck that has been equipped once again to change the Grimoire Cards that have been set for that deck. You can set up to four cards of the nine cards assigned to each character. This allows you to further bolster the effects of the deck in line with its strengths or your play style, as well as shore up any weaknesses.

* You must obtain Grimoire Cards to be able to edit decks.

Obtaining Customisation Items

Character outfits (with some exceptions), voices, decks (other than standard decks) and Grimoire Cards can be bought by spending your funds. Money and Grimoire Cards are obtained at random whenever your Magic Knight Level increases.

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