Battle Rules

This section explains the battle rules. There are three sets of rules, with different ways of making progress in the battle, victory conditions, objectives and so on.

Zone Control

Compete for control of a designated area of the map. When your allies are in the Control Area, the Control Gauge will start to fill, and once it fills completely, your team will win. The gauge will fill more quickly the more allies are in the Control Area, and will not fill at all if any enemy team characters are in the area.

Crystal Carry

Take your team’s crystal closer to the goal than the enemy team can to win. During the battle, the teams will be split into an attacking team carrying the crystal and a defending team, and the battle will be won once the attacking team arrives at the goal with their crystal, or the defending team makes their way past the attacking team’s crystal. The order in which the teams carry the crystal is chosen by Zone Control at the start of the battle.

Moving the Crystal

The crystal will start to move toward the goal when the attacking team is near, and will stop when the defending team is near. If the attacking team do not succeed in taking the crystal to the goal within the time limit, the teams will change sides. The crystal will move more quickly the more members of the attacking team are nearby.

Treasure Hunt

Compete against the enemy for treasure chests and the Magic Keys needed to unlock them in order to earn points. Points are obtained when you take treasure chests or Magic Keys, and when you prevent the enemy from doing so.

Taking Keys and Treasure Time Limits

Hold down the  button when next to Magic Keys or treasure chests to take them. After you take a Magic Key, a time limit will be displayed, during which you must take the treasure. If the character with the Magic Key becomes incapacitated, or the time limit is reached, the Magic Key will be consumed. If this happens, take another Magic Key and try again!

Earning Points

You will earn a point each time you take a Magic Key, defeat a character with a Magic Key, or prevent the enemy from taking treasure during the time limit. You can receive two points for taking treasure. The team that earns a total of five points first will be the winners. Once a team has earned a total of four points, the members of that team will no longer receive points for taking a Magic Key.

Extra Time

During battle, you may get Extra Time (a time extension) while you are competing against the enemy for points or to meet objectives. When you enter Extra Time, a gauge will appear, and if you continue to attack, you can delay the enemy’s victory. The gauge will deplete based on the conditions set for each rule type, and Extra Time will end once the gauge has fully depleted.

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