Battle Controls

This section covers controls during battle. The controls given here are the defaults. You can change these via Options→Operation Settings.


Tilt the left stick to move your character in the corresponding direction.

Move the Camera

Tilt the right stick to rotate the camera in the corresponding direction.

The Communication Menu

Press a directional button to display the communication menu. Select a menu option to communicate with your team using battle-related instructions, template greetings, character-specific lines and poses, or films using scenes from the original anime.

Jump/Ledge Grab

Press the button to jump. Additionally, you can also tilt the left stick toward a surface while jumping to grab onto a ledge and jump up.
* If the surface is too high up, you will not be able to perform a ledge grab.


Press the  button when knocked back by an enemy attack to perform a recovery and regain your stance. When in midair, press the button while tilting the left stick to aim your recovery in the corresponding direction.

Change Character Left/Right

Press the button when playing a role other than Fighter to change your character’s left/right position. If automatic switching is enabled, your character will automatically change position when next to a wall or fixed object.
* Automatic switching is enabled by default. You can change this setting via Options→Operation Settings.

Take/Use Relic

Hold the button down when next to a Relic to take it. With a Relic in your possession, press the button again to gain its effect for as long as the gauge lasts. To take a Team Relic, you must keep control of its surrounding area for a certain period of time, allowing the gauge to fill.

◆ Relic List

Moguro Leaf: Gradually recover Health.

Ring of Speed: Increases character movement speed.

Magic Bomb: Explodes after the countdown completes, dealing damage to enemies.

You-Be-Gone: Become invisible, preventing discovery by enemies.

Resurrection Orb: Revives nearby incapacitated allies.

Team Relic: Significantly increases your team’s attack power.


Some roles or characters have special controls that allow them to perform abilities, which enable specific actions.

Wall Kick/Wall Run

When playing as a Fighter, you can press the button next to a wall to kick off it. You can also move some characters against a wall in order to start running along it.


When playing as a Shooter, you can press the button to enlarge the screen and aim at distant enemies more precisely. Additionally, the performance of ranged Magic will be enhanced while zooming.

Midair Jump/Midair Dash/Thread Grapple

Press the button while in midair to perform a second jump, and press in midair while tilting the left stick to dash or quickly move using a thread in the designated direction.



Increase the power of Magic by keeping the corresponding button held down for a certain period of time to charge it. When you are charging Magic, your movement speed will be decreased, and you will be pushed back by recoil when the Magic activates.

Other Abilities

There are other abilities unique to individual characters other than those discussed here, such as Overcharge, which allows the Ultimate Magic Gauge to charge beyond its normal capacity. You can see the details for abilities on the Magic Details screen.

Main Magic

Press the  button to activate. This is a basic form of offensive Magic. The effects of this Magic will vary greatly depending on your role and character.

Sub Magic

Press the button to activate. This kind of Magic typically plays to the strengths of individual characters, and can be highly effective when combined with Main Magic.

Link-Capable Magic

Press the button to activate. This Magic can be activated when by yourself, but turns into Link Magic when used with your allies under a specific timing.

Link Magic

When an ally hits an enemy with certain Magic, and you are able to use Link-Capable Magic, the Link Potential Cursor will appear. If you press the button at this time, you will perform a Link Magic attack on the marked enemy.

Extra Magic

Press the button to activate. This is a powerful kind of Magic which should be used wisely depending on the current battle situation, as many forms of Extra Magic have long cooldowns or specific uses.

Ultimate Magic

This represents each character’s signature move, and can be activated by pressing the  button when the Ultimate Magic Gauge has filled. There are two types of Ultimate Magic: that which consumes the whole gauge when used, and that which takes effect as the gauge gradually depletes.

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