Starting the Game

After downloading the title, it will be available in the Steam library page. Select the ‘Play’ option to start the game.

When initially starting the game, game data will be installed into the System Storage of your PC . 60GB is required for the installation.
* Note: Game data needed to play the game has been installed to the System storage. Digital purchase of the game does not require a game disk.

Saving the Game

The game has an autosave feature that saves after ending various modes and when settings have been changed in “OPTIONS”. 38.5MB is required to save the game.


STORY “The Mishima Saga”.

Follow the Mishima family story and battles in this mode.


Connect to the internet and challenge players around the world.


Play against the CPU and other players in various battle modes. Train in the practice mode.


Purchase and equip various customize items.
* Please go to the indicated page for more information.


Purchase and view movies and illustrations from the Tekken series.


Change various settings.


Check character level and stats. Press the X1-LB-button-18px  and X1-RB-button-18px to swap between ONLINE and OFFLINE stats.

Steam Store

Connect to the Steam Store to purchase various DLC.

Select Character

Press X1-X-button-18px button to change character costume or display customize costume selection screen.


Select Stage

It is possible to select the stage in some modes after character selection. There are some stages that have walls and floors that ‘break’. Icons will indicate areas that will break.





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