In this mode, you can relive the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Please see the Adventure Mode section on page 24 for instructions on controls and gameplay.

Main Menu

Just like in Adventure Mode, you can press the touch pad button during free movement to open the Main Menu, which in turn gives you access to all the other menus.

Main Menu Contents

Main Event Info: Review main event stories, and replay old battles.
Sub-event Details: Confirm the sub-event content.
Edit Ninja Tools: Edit the Ninja Tools to use in battle.
Item List: View items currently in your possession.
Collection: View all items acquired throughout the game.
Tutorial: Lists all gameplay tutorials.

Main Event Info

Here you can check your current progress and replay completed chapters and battles. Move the cursor to a completed episode, then select the chapter you wish to replay. Episode Chapters start with cutscenes, and Battle Chapters start with battles.

Battle Chapter

Icons There are three types of Battle Chapters, each of which has a different icon.

nsr4rtb_burotostale_icon_boss  Boss Battle

nsr4rtb_burotostale_icon_free  FreeBattle

nsr4rtb_burotostale_icon_dramatic  Dramatic Battle


Here you can see your Best Score for Main Event battles.

Sub-event Details

Here you can see your ongoing sub-events, and all the sub-events you have completed so far. Move the cursor to a sub-event and press the croix-PS4-15px button to see its info. Press the carre-PS4-15px button to either „Begin” or „Erase” an Event Navigation.

Event Icons

Upon accepting a sub-event, an event icon that shows how many ongoing sub-events you have will appear in the top right corner of the screen during free adventure mode. You can press the R1-PS4-15px button when this icon is visible to open the Sub-event Details screen.


If you lose a battle, you will be taken to the retry screen. In BORUTO’s Tale, you can choose from two different retry methods. Hold down the corresponding direction on the Left stick or the directional buttons to select the one you want.

Retry Methods

Fighting Spirit Ablaze: Resume the battle at full health and with increased ATK while your opponent’s health remains depleted.

Indomitable Will: Resume the battle at full health and with increased DEF while your opponent’s health remains depleted.

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