Then, there was fire.

You are thrust into a world slowly fading from an Age of Fire to an Age of Dark. In this world, humans are eventually marked with the Darksign, a curse that keeps bringing them back to life. For this reason, those humans are called “undead”.
You are one of them. You start the adventure locked in an Asylum, waiting for the end of times. After being told that you are the chosen undead, you are urged to travel to Lordran and ring the Bell of Awakening to know your fate.

Prepare to Die

Dark Souls™: Remastered comes back to the origins of a legendary and challenging series. For the first time (or once again), you are faced with epic bosses, dangerous traps, exacting and precise combat, and the constant threat of invasion by other players. The world is dangerous, and true safety is a luxury!
This guide is intended to ease your passage into the world of Dark Souls™: Remastered. Whether you’re returning to the series, or a first time player, we hope that you can pick up the skills you need to defend yourself during those grueling (and delightful) early hours with the game.
Most games try to take you through a specific narrative, introducing you to the world and its characters at preset moments. The narrative in Dark Souls takes a different path. The story and history of this bleak world is one you must uncover yourself. Hints gleaned from item descriptions, optional conversations, and exploration of the detailed environment create a picture of the world. Trying to understand the lore and story of Dark Souls becomes a kind of game within the game. You are never required to invest in it, or to care about the past, but there is a rich reward if you are willing to put in the time and effort to piece together your own narrative.

A world to explore

Lordran is a massive world, but interconnected. Any location you see, you can explore. Some locations are more challenging to reach than others, but simply exploring the land is fulfilling. As you progress, you’ll discover massive, vertically oriented structures, humongous landmasses, and complex dungeons, with interlinking routes and secret corridors.

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