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Customize a character to begin your Dark Souls quest. As you customize a character, you can see any changes to their stats on the left side of the screen. Their equipment is shown in the center of the screen. When you are finished creating a character, select ACCEPT.

Character Name: Type in a name for the character.
Sex: Select the character’s gender.
Class: Choose the character’s class. Each class has its own attacks, weaponry, and attributes. There are 10 classes from which to choose.
Gift: Select a starting gift. Gifts are special items granted to your character at the beginning of the adventure.
Physique: Determine the character’s physique.
Face: Select a specific face for the character. Each face is based on the people that inhabit the world of Dark Souls.
Hair: Determine the hairstyle for the character.
Hair & Eye Color: Choose a color for the character’s hair and eyes.
Physical Appearance: Select CUSTOMIZE to further adjust the character’s features.


Choose from 10 classes, each class has its own unique abilities and statistics. Every class starts the game with certain equipment and spells. However, as you play, you’ll discover Dark Souls has no class-specific items. Therefore, you may adjust your attributes when leveling up to meet certain basic requirements a weapon or armor might have.

Warrior: The fearless warrior is a weapon expert with high strength and
Knight: The low-ranking knight has high HP and solid armor. Knights are not easily toppled.
Wanderer: The aimless wanderer has high dexterity and wields the scimitar.
Thief: The guilt-ridden thief is specialized in critical hits and carries a Master Key.
Bandit: The savage bandit has high strength and wields a heavy battle axe.
Hunter: The bow-wielding hunter can handle close-range and long-range, but is vulnerable to magic.
Sorcerer: The sorcerer of Vinheim Dragon School can cast soul sorceries.
Pyromancer: The Great Swamp pyromancer casts fire spells and wields a hand axe.
Cleric: The cleric on Pilgrimage wields a mace and casts healing miracles.
Deprived: The unclothed enigma is only armed with a club and old plank shield.

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