Main Menu

Press the croix-PS4-15px button on the Title Screen to pull up the “Game Mode options”.
Press up and down on the directional buttons or left stick to select the mode you want to play, then press the croix-PS4-15px button to enter that mode.



This mode takes you on a journey filled with battles, hearsay-gathering and magic item creation.
Take control of various characters as you search for the other of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins knights on a quest to crush the evil plans of the Holy Knights, as they plot to revive demonkind.


Visit villages and forts on the map, taking on Battles in the main quest to advance the story. You can also take on Errands as Elizabeth and Trials in side quests.



Enjoy an array of battles! Freely set characters, stages and rules, play solo or co-op, and even challenge your friends in local multiplayer.


You can also connect to the network to challenge players across the globe.
Note: You must sign into PlayStation™ Network.

◆First-Time Players

You must agree to the End-User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy the first time you play the game.


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