This mode lets you tackle wanted posters with assorted special rules and difficulties, as well as focus your training on specific moves. You can also try out rare, limited-time-only wanted posters.

WANTED Versus Menu

Select the wanted poster you want to play.



Wanted List

Tackle wanted posters of assorted difficulties. “Bride’s Training” is the only one available at first, but as you finish special “Rank UP” wanted posters, you’ll unlock new ranks and more posters to try.

Rayleigh’s Training

Try out Rayleigh’s training program, perfecting specific moves like ranged attacks and guards. Complete enough “Basic Training” programs, and the next rank of wanted posters will be unlocked.

Special Wanted Posters

These special posters pose a major challenge.
You’ll be able to select them following special events once you unlock certain battle characters.

Rank UP Wanted Posters

Once you complete enough regular wanted posters, you’ll be able to select these. Finish them to unlock the next rank of wanted posters, giving you more to choose from.

Limited Wanted Posters

Go online to access special limited-time-only wanted posters.
You’ll need to sign in to PlayStation™Network first.

WANTED Versus Game Flow

Select a Poster

Select the mode you want to play, then choose a wanted poster rank to bring up the wanted-poster screen. Use the left stick or press left directional button or right directional button to page through posters.


Select a Character

Select the number of battle and support characters specified by the wanted poster.


Battle / Results

Once you complete your selections, the battle will begin. Once it’s over, you’ll see the RESULT screen.

Wanted Poster Screen


1. Title: The title of the wanted poster.
2. Opponents: Images of the opponents you’ll be fighting.
3. Difficulty: The difficulty of the poster, rated in stars. The more stars, the tougher the challenge.
4. Description: An outline of the poster challenge.
5. Rating: An evaluation of your performance, from S (highest) down to A, B, C, and F (lowest). You’ll see “NEW RECORD!” here if you earn a new or improved rating. If you haven’t tried the wanted poster yet, you’ll see “None” instead.
6. Battle conditions: The conditions you need to meet to finish the poster. Some conditions may ask you to perform special tasks, like executing a successful guard before winning.
7. Team conditions: The maximum number of battle and support characters allowed, as well as their maximum pirate points.
8. Time limit: The battle’s time limit.
9. Stage: The stage used in the battle.
10. Reward: The reward you’ll earn if you meet all the battle conditions and emerge victorious.

Checking Characters

Press carre-PS4-15px button to view the level and EXP of the characters available to you.
Move the left stick up and down or press up directional button and down directional button to scroll through the list.


Character Select Screen


1. Player: The player currently forming a pirate team. Player two and COM will also be shown here in Free Battle mode.
2. Pirate points: Your current and maximum pirate point total. Your finished team must be within the maximum pirate points allowed.
3. Selected characters: Portraits of the characters you’ve already selected.
4. Character: The character you’re currently choosing.
5. Character info: Data on the character you’re currently choosing.
Grade: The pirate grade (points) of the character
Style: The character’s battle type. This can be Power, Speed, Technical, Tricky, or All-Round.
Ability/Haki icons and current level: Ability or Haki icons are shown here for characters with those capabilities.
6.Character list: Move the left stick or press left directional button and right directional button to switch between battle and support characters.

Character Selection Flow

Select Character Slot

Move the left stick or press left directional button and right directional button to switch between battle and support characters. Move the left stick up and down/press up directional button and down directional button to select a character slot. Press croix-PS4-15px button when you’re ready.


Select Character

Use the left stick or directional buttons to select a character. Press croix-PS4-15px button to confirm.
Select the “?” icon to have a character selected randomly at the start of battle.


Changing Costumes

Press L1-PS4-15px button or R1-PS4-15px button to change between costumes if you’re using a character with multiple outfits.

Pirate Points

If a maximum pirate point total has been defined, the total of your selected characters must not surpass the maximum. Your team will need to remain under that number.


Select a character slot and press carre-PS4-15px button to remove a character from it.

Load Pirate Crews

You can load pirate crews you’ve previously added in the Pirate Base, overwriting any previous selections.
Move left stick or press left directional button and right directional button to switch pirate crews.


Finish Selection

Once you’ve selected all your characters, press OPTIONS button to finish creating the team.
Battle will begin afterward.

Additional Characters

If you’ve downloaded additional characters, these will also be available here.

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