Character Profiles

Asta: Fighter

A young man who has no magic power. He carries the five-leaf clover grimoire, which is said to be inhabited by a demon. He uses his two-handed Anti-Magic sword to dispel Magic, and his muscular physique helps him to get his footing on even the steepest of ledges.

Main Magic: Melee Attack
Attacks with a two-handed sword. Hold the button down to attack continuously.

Sub Magic: Demon-Slayer Sword
Reflects Magic coming from in front, and reduces the damage of Area Magic. Press the button while using Demon-Slayer Sword to dodge.

Link-Capable Magic: Demon-Dweller Sword
Normal: A horizontal sweeping attack. Fill the gauge by landing attacks to emit a magical slash.
Link: Allows the ability to emit a magical slash regardless of the current gauge level.

Extra Magic: Spinning Burst
Charges forward to deliver a spinning slash. Defence will be increased for a short while after using Spinning Burst.

Ultimate Magic: Not Giving Up Is My Magic!
When activated, your Health will recover and you will be able to see nearby enemies through walls. During the effect, your movement speed will increase. Furthermore, you can press the button during this time to deliver up to three powerful charging attacks.

Yuno: Shooter

A talented Magic Knight who shares Asta’s ambition to become the Wizard King. She uses a diverse array of long-range offensive Magic, such as volleys of ranged Magic or powerful Placement Magic to come out ahead in all kinds of situations.

Main Magic: Wind Blade Shower
Summons wind blades in midair, which will continue to fire while you hold down the button.

Sub Magic: Crescent Moon Sickle
Fires off a crescent-shaped wind blade that pierces the enemy and staggers them.

Link-Capable Magic:
Towering Tornado
Normal: Summons a tornado to sweep up enemies and launch them into the air.
Tornado Fang
Link: Fires off a homing tornado at the enemy.

Extra Magic: Swift White Bow
Changes your Main Magic to a powerful wind arrow with piercing properties for a certain period of time.

Ultimate Magic: Sylph’s Breath
Fires off a massive Wind Magic spell in front of you, sweeping through multiple enemies.

* When Link Magic has different names depending whether it is the normal or linked version, both names are given.

Yami: Fighter

Leader of the Black Bulls, and a tough Magic Swordsman who fights with both Magic and superb physical strength. He restricts his enemies’ movements with Dark Magic before suddenly closing in on them to deliver heavy damage. He can also predict enemy positions and launch surprise attacks on enemies without relying on Links.

Main Magic: Dark Cloaked/Lightless Slash
Delivers a slash attack while moving. Hold down the button to continue attacking. Consumes the gauge to fire off a slash attack that slows enemies.

Sub Magic: Black Cocoon
Hold down the button to erect a barrier in front of you. While the barrier is up, you can press the button to dodge, or the  button to temporarily increase attack power.

Link-Capable Magic:
Dark Cloaked/Black Blade
Normal: Charges forward to deliver a slash attack. Defence will be increased for a short while after the attack.
Dark Cloaked/Void Slash
Link: Charges forward to deliver a swift, powerful slash attack. You will not be staggered by enemy attacks during the charge.

Extra Magic: Black Hole
Summons a black hole in front of you, which draws in nearby enemies and limits their movement as you continue to tap the button. Magic projectiles that touch the black hole will be dispelled.

Ultimate Magic: Haven’t Had to Try in Forever!
For a period of time after activation, your movement speed will increase and you will be able to see enemies through walls. Dark Cloaked Lightless Slash will always fire off a slash attack, and you can also press the button to use Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash (once only).

Noelle: Support

The youngest daughter of the royal House Silva. She wields overwhelmingly massive forms of Magic, but struggles to control them. Her ample magic power allows her to erect sturdy barriers, and she can also support allies with powerful Water Magic that can be increased in potency through charging.

Main Magic: Sea Dragon’s Maelstrom
Fires off an exploding ball of water. Charge to transform it into a huge ball of water.

Sub Magic: Sea Dragon’s Lair
Emits a spherical barrier, which will regenerate your Magic Barrier while you are inside of it.

Link-Capable Magic:
Sea Dragon’s Fang
Normal: Fires off a water blade that pierces through enemies and knocks them aside. Charge to transform it into a huge water blade.
Sea Dragon’s Maw
Link: Place a disc-shaped blade of water on the locked-on enemy’s position.

Extra Magic: Sea Dragon’s Cradle
Increases the Magic Barriers of your allies beyond the maximum while they are in the area of effect.

Ultimate Magic: Sea Dragon’s Roar
Fires off a gigantic sea dragon forwards, dealing heavy damage.

Mimosa: Healer

Noelle’s cousin. She may seem clumsy and unreliable at first, but despite this first impression, she is very much on top of things. Her expertise is in support, using Plant Magic to heal her allies. Her cape amplifies her Magic Barrier, protecting her from enemy attacks.

Main Magic: Magic Flower Wedge
Summons vines to deal continuous damage to the closest enemy in range.

Sub Magic: Dream-Healing Flower Cradle
Place a cradle of flowers that gradually replenishes the Health of allies over a wide area. The closer you are to the cradle, the faster the healing received.

Link-Capable Magic: Magic Flowerbed
Normal: Places a trap that slows enemies in range and deals continuous damage. Enemies in the trap receive increased damage from Magic Flower Wedge.
Link: Places a larger Magic Flowerbed at the enemy’s position.

Extra Magic: Magic Flower Guidepost
Places a magic flower that detects and informs allies of enemy positions.

Ultimate Magic: Princess-Healing Flower Robe
Revive nearby incapacitated allies, and continue to heal their Health at a quick rate for a certain period of time.

Magna: Shooter

His appearance and personality may make him seem like a thug, but he is kind to the weak and troubled and cares for those under his wing. His Magic is based on the sport of baseball, shutting down the enemy by making feints with long-range attacks and dashing to control the gap.

Main Magic: Fireball
Throws an explosive fireball. While zoomed in, this changes to Exploding Fireball, which has increased damage and explosion radius. Whenever this attack connects, the Ball Count increases (up to a maximum of 4), allowing the use of Grand Slam an equivalent number of times.

Sub Magic: Base-Run Gambit
Performs a swift dash. During movement, press the button again to perform a slide that can evade enemy attacks.

Link-Capable Magic: Grand Slam
Normal: Uses up the Ball Count to serve up several explosive fireballs.
Link: Serves up explosive fireballs without consuming the Ball Count.

Extra Magic: Explosive Scattershot
Scatters small fireballs to create a wall of fire that blocks enemy Magic. Enemies that touch the wall will be knocked back.

Ultimate Magic: Prison Death Scattershot
Throws numerous fireballs to knock back the enemy, then uses Flame Bondage Formation to temporarily prevent them from recovering.

Luck: Fighter

Though a commoner, he has strong magic powers and excellent detection abilities. Luck is a battle maniac who loves nothing more than to do battle with powerful opponents. He covers himself in Lightning Magic, using midair jumps and high-speed moves to close the gap and send devastating attacks crashing down.

Main Magic: Thunderbolt Destruction
Fires a lightning projectile from his right arm. After using Holy Lightning Gloves, he can temporarily fire projectiles from both arms.

Sub Magic: Holy Lightning Boots (Move)
A quick burst of movement in the direction you choose. Movement speed is temporarily increased after use.

Link-Capable Magic: Holy Lightning Gloves
Normal: Closes in on the enemy and attacks with a lightning arm. Thunderbolt Destruction is temporarily enhanced after use.
Link: Automatically follows the enemy, attacking with a lightning arm.

Extra Magic: Holy Lightning Boots (Kick)
Quickly moves forward while attacking. Movement speed is temporarily increased after use.

Ultimate Magic: Thunder Demon
Transforms into a being of lightning to deliver a continuous wide-area attack. Crashes down into the ground together with the final bolt of lightning to deal further damage to surrounding enemies.

Vanessa: Support

A witch who never turns down a drink. She uses magical threads, which are hard to see and cannot be detected magically, to boost her allies’ abilities, set traps, and ensnare enemies. She can hang on to her threads while jumping and use them to move toward a targeted enemy while in midair.

Main Magic: Chain-Thread Whip
Attack with a magic whip, knocking back any enemies hit and slowing them.

Sub Magic: Guidance Weave
Increases movement speed for herself and nearby allies.

Link-Capable Magic: Puppet Strings
Normal: Uses a thread to pull an enemy in. Hold down the button to deliver a powerful kick.
Link: Automatically captures an enemy and pulls them in.

Extra Magic: Arresting Dark Weave
Places a spider web, slowing any enemies who come into contact with it.

Ultimate Magic: The Red Thread of Fate
Boosts the attack power of all teammates (including herself), and prevents incapacitation.

Charmy: Healer

A girl who just loves to eat. She might look very young, but despite her appearance, she is actually older than Asta. While she plays a healing role, producing food from magic balls of cotton to heal allies, she can also deal devastating strikes using sheep-based Magic.

Main Magic: Fluffy Sheep Ball
Throws a bouncing ball of cotton that slows enemies that it hits.

Sub Magic: Sheep’s Food Cart
Produces a healing item that restores Health. Once a period of time has elapsed, this changes to a more powerful item.

Link-Capable Magic:
Strike of the Sleeping Sheep
Normal: Attacks with a frontal sheep projectile. After the attack, the sheep stays in place, automatically attacking nearby enemies.
Bombardment of the Sleeping Sheep
Link: Automatically captures an enemy and attacks it with a sheep projectile. After the attack, the sheep stays in place, automatically attacking nearby enemies.

Extra Magic: Fluffy Sheep Cushion
Places a sheep covered in cotton. Touching the sheep cushion will make you bounce up high, while enemies who touch it will be slowed.

Ultimate Magic: Combo of the Sleeping Sheep
Summons a gigantic sheep to deal a series of attacks. After the attack, the sheep stays in place, attacking nearby enemies.

Gauche: Shooter

A nobleman who loves his sister Marie to the exclusion of all else. His Mirror Magic allows him to copy the Magic of others, or create copies of himself and his allies. He can quickly teleport to secure an advantageous location and snipe at foes from long range.

Main Magic Reflect Ray
Fires a beam with piercing properties. When using Zoom, this changes to Large Reflect Ray, which has a thicker, more powerful beam.

Sub Magic: Mirrors Shift
Teleports in the direction of your choosing.

Link-Capable Magic:
Reflect Refrain
Normal: Inflicts continuous damage on enemies within a specified area.
Large Reflect Ray
Link: Fires a powerful beam.

Extra Magic: Reflect Image
Copies placed Magic and allows use of it somewhere else (one time only), regardless of whether the magic was placed by an ally or an enemy.

Ultimate Magic: Mirrors Brigade
Gives two mirror images to the locked-on ally. The mirror images will perform certain attacks at the same time as the original ally.

Klaus: Support

A serious-looking, bespectacled young man, Klaus is a Magic Knight serving in The Golden Dawn alongside Yuno and Mimosa. He uses Steel Magic to create lances and walls, and specialises in defensive tactics that link with allies.

Main Magic: Infinite Steel Bullet
Fires off a barrage of piercing steel projectiles.

Sub Magic: Full Metal Fortress
Summons a wall of steel at a specified location on the ground, blocking enemy movement and attacks.

Link-Capable Magic: Fierce Spiral Lance
Normal: Fires off a gigantic lance that pierces through enemies and knocks them back.
Link: Fires off an even larger version of the lance at a faster speed.

Extra Magic: Violent Steel Spear Wall Pulse
Summons up numerous lances from the ground in front, launching enemies that come into contact with them up into the air and dealing damage. The spears will continue to emerge for a short while, blocking enemy Magic.

Ultimate Magic: Steel Spear Cavalry Squad
Regenerates and strengthens the Magic Barriers of himself and nearby allies, and creates several magic shields with a barrier effect. While the Magic is active, Fierce Spiral Lance can be fired continuously.

Mars: Healer

A Magic Warrior of the Diamond Kingdom. He uses Crystal Magic to shut down enemy movement with skilful ground attacks, and uses the Fire Magic he acquired by implanting his trusty old grimoire to restore Health.

Main Magic: Harpe
Hold down the button to fire crystal blades. Enemies struck by the blades will have their defence reduced.

Sub Magic: Hermes’ Heavy Spear
Causes a series of crystals to erupt from the ground in front. Enemies will be knocked down for a short time after being struck.

Link-Capable Magic: Hydra’s Tongue
Normal: Raises a cluster of crystals at the designated position, launching enemies into the air. The cluster will block enemies and attacks for a short period of time.
Link: Raises crystal clusters over a wide area around the enemy.

Extra Magic: Phoenix Robe
Gives Health to allies in the area of effect.

Ultimate Magic: Laevateinn
Creates a giant crystal blade to attack a wide area in front. You can still move while attacking.

Fana: Healer

A Mage of the Evil Eye who belongs to The Eye of the Midnight Sun, an organisation that seeks the overthrow of the Clover Kingdom. She uses ‘Hatred’ as her alias, and has a cold, distant look in her eyes. She uses fire-based Recovery Magic, and can also summon the fire spirit Salamander to attack with powerful offensive Magic.

Main Magic: Fire Dragon’s Sigh
Emits a fireball that explodes on contact. During Summon Salamander, this changes to Fire Dragon’s Sigh, which emits an even larger fireball together with defence-reducing crystal blades.

Sub Magic: Summon Salamander
Summons the fire spirit Salamander and takes flight. Hold down the button to ascend, and release it to make Salamander descend. Fana’s offensive magic changes while Salamander is summoned. Use the button to dismount Salamander

Link-Capable Magic:
Fire Dragon’s Breath
Normal: Attacks with a frontal spray of fire. The fire will burn the ground and deal damage to enemies who make contact with it. During Summon Salamander, this changes to Fire Dragon’s Breath, in which Salamander performs a diving attack while breathing a larger spray of fire.

Fire Dragon’s Claws
Link: A fire-based slashing attack. During Summon Salamander, this changes toFire Dragon’s Claws, which delivers a much larger attack.

Extra Magic: Phoenix Chick
Sends out a phoenix toward the locked-on ally. The phoenix restores the Health of nearby allies when it makes contact.

Ultimate Magic: Phoenix Robe
Revives incapacitated allies over a wide area and completely replenishes their Health/Magic Barrier.

Vetto: Fighter

A Mage of the Evil Eye who belongs to The Eye of the Midnight Sun, an organisation that seeks the overthrow of the Clover Kingdom. He uses ‘Despair’ as his alias, and has a savage appearance and disposition. He uses Beast Magic, which channels his magic power into bestial forms. He can also store power by stopping enemy attacks with his Barrier Magic.

Main Magic: Bear Claw
Continuously attacks with Beast Magic claws. When ammo is available, this also fires an aura that pierces enemies.

Sub Magic: Rhinoceros Armor
Raises a frontal barrier. The cooldown of Vetto’s Cheetah Charge and Ultimate Magic will be shortened when the barrier blocks attacks. During activation, press the button to knock back surrounding enemies.

Link-Capable Magic: Cheetah Charge
Normal: Charges forward, knocking back enemies in his path. After use, damage taken will be reduced for a short while.
Link: Cheetah Charge renders Vetto immune to stagger/knock-down effects. The cooldown of Cheetah Charge will also be shortened when it hits enemies.

Extra Magic: Bear Rush
Continuously rush forward, knocking down enemies.

Ultimate Magic: Mythical Beast Magic
Opens the Evil Eye to recover a large amount of Health. Increases movement speed until incapacitation/return to battle, shortens the cooldown of Cheetah Charge and increases its ammo, and changes Rhinoceros Armor and Bear Rush to Mythical Beast Magic.

Licht: Shooter

The leader of The Eye of the Midnight Sun, an organisation that seeks to overthrow the Clover Kingdom. He possesses the four-leafed clover grimoire. He has a deep-seated grudge against the Clover Kingdom and works in secret to destroy it. He defeats his foes with overwhelming speed and tremendous Light Magic.

Main Magic: Repentant Light Key
Produces a piercing sword of light. Hold down the button to continue attacking. The sword slows enemies on hit and increases ammo for Ray of Conviction (up to 4).

Sub Magic: It’s Useless
Emits a shockwave that knocks back surrounding enemies, and teleports to the designated position.

Link-Capable Magic: Ray of Conviction
Normal: Fires off beams of piercing Light Magic from the growing orb of light that appears when Repentant Light Key hits.
Link: Instantly produces several orbs of light, which all fire off beams at once.

Extra Magic: Light Whip of Judgment
Attack the designated position with a whip of light, dealing continuous damage to enemies in its range.

Ultimate Magic: Ray of Divine Punishment
Fires off a massive Light Magic spell that inflicts heavy damage on barriers and Placement Magic.

Yami (Young): Fighter

A 14-year-old version of Yami who suddenly appeared before Asta and friends. Though he may be younger, his domineering attitude remains the same. He uses his high mobility to close in on enemies and overwhelm them in one-on-one combat using his Dark Magic and swordsmanship.

Main Magic: Sword Slash
Delivers a slash attack while moving. Hold down the button to continue attacking.

Sub Magic: Dusk
Creates a small black hole in front that dispels Magic projectiles and draws in nearby enemies. During use, press the button to deliver a powerful slash combo.

Link-Capable Magic: Surprise Leap
Normal: A jumping attack toward the designated location. On landing, emits a shockwave that launches surrounding enemies into the air.
Link: The attack automatically homes in on the enemy. Deals more damage than the normal version.

Extra Magic: Spearhead
Staggers the enemy with a roar, heals own abnormal status effects and increases own movement speed. Additionally, the defence of surrounding allies will be increased for a short while.

Ultimate Magic: Black Blade Shadow Strike
Concentrates his spirit and Dark Magic into his sword, greatly increasing the damage dealt with sword attacks. Additionally, gains the ability to see enemies through walls.

Karna: Support

A young girl who accompanies the young Yami. She is a member of House Freese, a fallen house of the Clover Kingdom nobility. She uses Moonlight Magic to reduce enemy defence and place traps to give her allies the advantage in battle.

Main Magic: Crescent Cut
Fires a crescent-shaped magic blade. Hold the button down to keep firing.

Sub Magic: Moon Trap
Places a trap in the form of a moon. When the moon waxes to full, the trap will launch all enemies in range into the air.

Link-Capable Magic:
Bewitching Moonlight
Normal: Places a small moon on the enemy, greatly increasing the damage they take for a short while.
Gibbous Ray
Link: Fires off a beam of Moonlight Magic.

Extra Magic: Full Moon Shell
Unleashes the power of the moon, sending nearby enemies flying.

Ultimate Magic: Lunatic Crisis
Brings down a gigantic magical moon on the designated area, dealing heavy damage to enemies near the point of impact.

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