Weapons, armour, shields, rings, and amulets! Pick them up, upgrade your equipment, make choices and complement your character build, stay competitive!

Scrolls, Arrows And Grenades

These one-time-use items can be used by any character. Scrolls have no ability requirements, special arrows have magic-like effects for rangers that are no wizards, and grenades are dangerous but powerful tools for the fighter types.


Skill books are rare tomes that can teach a character a new skill. These books are highly powerful and should be sought with a keen eye as your character grows.


Runes are placed into available slots on weapons and equipment to create more powerful items with new effects.


Potions come in all sizes and colours and have various effects. Hang on to them and distribute them among your party.

Food And Drink

Food and drink have smaller effects than magic potions, but they’re usually cheaper.


You need a lockpick to be able to pick a lock. It’s used up after one try.

Repair Hammer, Identifying Glass, Bedroll

Standard fare for the adventurer. Everyone should have them.


A lot of the seemingly useless items you find in the world, can be combined into something useful. A knife is just a piece of metal on a stick, isn’t it?

Books And Notes

Books are filled with the history and lore of the world. Read them if you want to understand the story. Notes often contain hints, so try them when you’re stuck.

Teleportation Pyramids

This is a special type of item! Using one of these pyramids will teleport you instantly to the location of the other pyramid. This means that you can leave a pyramid in town and teleport there at will, or you can leave one pyramid in the pocket of the other main hero, split up, and teleport to one another when necessary. You can also throw a pyramid behind enemy lines in battle for a tactical advantage.

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