Battle Rules


1. Ability Gauge: Used for unlocking your character’s Ability.
2. HP Gauge: The character’s remaining energy.
3. Partner: Your current partner and their HP Gauge.
Use X1-LT-button-18px and X1-RT-button-18px to swap them in and out.
4. Time: The remaining time in the round. When this hits zero, the battle ends.
5. Support Character: Characters that refill your HP or help you out in other ways during battle.
Character portraits will be darkened once they perform their support action for you.
6. Burning Gauge: Used to “Awaken” and go into Burst mode. This goes up as you land hits, take damage or call on certain support characters.
7. Combo: The number of consecutive hits. Displayed during a multi-hit attack.

Winners and Losers

1. If a character’s HP is reduced to zero before time runs out, that character is KOed.
If the character has no partner to swap in, their opponent wins the battle. If a partner is available, he or she will automatically swap in. Beat all team members, and you win the battle.


2. If time runs out while both sides still have HP left, or if they defeat each other simultaneously, the battle is a draw.
3. The game will show the Results screen after battle.


The Balance of Battle

The three basic moves — attacking, guarding, using a Guard Break — are all strong or weak against each other. Mix in Abilities and Haki, and that makes for five intertwining elements in battle.

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