Death is a constant threat in Dark Souls™: Remastered. Dangerous falls, poison, monster attacks, and traps are around every corner. Bosses are the worst threats of all, but it’s entirely possible to die (often) when fighting against even the regular inhabitants of the world. This is especially true when you’re new to the game, because it does not play like most action RPGs.
Death has two major consequences. First, the loss of time as you retrace your steps—slogging through all of the respawned enemies that you previously defeated. Second, you lose all of your dropped Souls  and Humanities forever if you die a second time before you recover them!


When your HP is fully depleted, you die. When this happens, all of your collected Humanities and Souls are left on the ground as a Bloodstain, and you respawn back at the last bonfire you rested at.


After you die and respawn at the bonfire, all of the normal monsters in the area return as well. Special NPCs or bosses that are slain remain dead, but everything else returns to face you again.


During your quest, you will come across bonfires. Approach the unlit bonfire and press the  button to light the bonfire and access its menu.
Here you respawn upon death, level up your attributes, regain Humanity, refill your Estus Flasks and magic count, remove any negative effects and change your covenant.

Estus Flasks

HPs let you take damage and won’t regenerate over time. Visit a Bonfire to restore your HPs or use Estus Flasks.

Estus Upgrade

Estus flasks can be upgraded to refill more HP. You must have a Fire Keeper Soul in your inventory and then use the “Reinforce Estus Flask” option in any Fire Keeper’s dialogue option.

Bonfire Kindling

The amount of times you can utilize your Estus Flask to heal HP is dependent on how much you have kindled the bonfire that you are currently resting at. You kindle a bonfire by offering Humanity to it.


Humanities have different use : they can be consumed to improve your resistance, sacrificed to restore your human form, allowing you to play online, or burnt to kindle a bonfire, increasing the amount of restored Estus Flasks.
Humanities can be collected or purchased as a consumable that will appear in your inventory. These consumables are not lost upon death.
Consumed humanities are dropped upon death and lost if you die again before retrieving them.
The Humanities displayed in the Humanity counter can come from consumed Humanities or are gathered by killing numerous enemies in an area before defeating a boss. The Humanity counter resets to zero upon death.

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