MISSION: Libra of Soul

Create your own unique character, and go on an adventure around the world. Once the prologue has finished, you’ll be taken to the character settings screen.

Character Settings Screen

Here, you can change the following settings.

• Skin type
• Gender
• Body (race Colors, etc.)
• Weapon

You can adjust more specific settings late by going to “Player Menu” followed by “Creation”.

Main Screen

Mission/Current Location

Information on your current location.
denotes your story mission; , other missions. Information on shops and other available facilities are also shown.

 Chapter Number/Year

 Player Info

Information for the player’s character. Boosting “Style” to the highest level unlocks a special mission.

Change Location

Select this to see which locations you can go to on the left of the screen. The number of locations you can go to increases the more story missions you complete.

Only the locations shown in the tab can be moved to. Moving won’t cost you anything. It’s useful for when you want to explore a new area that has appeared or return to town.

Player Menu

The mission log allows you to play already completed missions, with “Tutorial” available from the beginning. Quests are random, so don’t appear here.
“Weapons” allows you to change and dispose of weapons in your possession. (You can’t delete your regular weapon.)

Mercenaries’ fight on behalf of your character, and can be hired at certain towns.
Creation is where you create your character, and works in the same way the regular creation mode does, except the following do not feature:
• the ability to change fighting style or weapons
• battle comments and taking photos.
• The ability to change the color of weapons.


Items are divided into “Food”, “Weapon Enhancements”, and “Other”.


Used during battle, and has various advantageous effects.


Useful for exploring surrounding areas.

Weapon Enhancements

Used to boost weapons.

Weapon boosting:

1) Possible when you clear certain story missions.
2) Requires town levelling up depending on the type of boost.

Level Increased!

Exploration and Movement Cost

You can find all sorts of missions by exploring the surrounding area. However, doing so comes at a cost, with the cost varying depending on how far you go and which route you take.

Explore Surrounding Area

Trekking across mountains is expensive!

Mission Info

Completion Requirements

Select Mercenary

Change Weapon

Select Food

Remember the battle’s completion requirements!

Some missions require you to fight battles under certain conditions. Make sure you really understand what you need to do before taking them on. You can see the requirements via the pause menu.

The Mission Info Screen

Here, you can access “Change Weapon”, “Select Mercenary”, and “Select Food”. Make the right decisions to ensure you can clear the completion requirements and defeat your opponent.

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