Main Actions

Ninjutsu: button/ button

Press the button or button to use Ninjutsu by depleting the Ninjutsu Gauge. Note that the Ninjutsu used is specific to the character and slot.


Ninjutsu Gauge

To use Ninjutsu again, the gauge must fill to the maximum level.

Ninjutsu Gauge

  Can be used

Can’t be used

The Ninjutsu Gauge fills back up as time passes, but you can make it fill faster by holding down the  button or button.

Chakra Jump:  button

Holding down the button while on the ground builds up chakra for a jump more powerful than normal. The longer you hold the button down, the higher and farther you will jump.


Wire Kunai: button (in midair)

Throw a wire kunai by pressing the button mid-jump. If you hit a wall or other such surface, you will be able to quickly move to wherever your kunai got stuck.

Specifying Direction

Specify the direction of chakra jumps and wire kunai by tilting the left stick while pressing the button.

Substitution Jutsu

Substitution Jutsu: button (after being attacked)

Pressing the  button after being attacked uses the Substitution Jutsu Gauge to escape the attack. Half of the damage you just suffered will be canceled.


Substitution Jutsu Gauge

To use Substitution Jutsu again, the gauge must fill to the maximum level.

Substitution Jutsu Gauge

Can be used

Can’t be used

Secret Technique Ninjutsu: Up button

Secret Technique Ninjutsu is a powerful form of Ninjutsu that each character can use. Press the up button to use it by depleting the Secret Technique Ninjutsu Gauge.

Secret Technique Ninjutsu Gauge

To use Secret Technique Ninjutsu, the gauge must fill to the maximum level.

Secret Technique Ninjutsu Gauge

 Can be used

Can’t be used

The Secret Technique Ninjutsu Gauge will fill back up as time passes, whenever your attack scores a hit, and whenever an enemy attack strikes you.


Deflect:  button while guarding

You can deflect enemies by pressing the button at the right time while using the button to guard against enemy attacks.

Guarding and Guard Breaking: You will guard against enemy attacks while the button is held down.
However, if you continually guard against enemy attacks, your guard will eventually be broken, leaving you temporarily defenseless.

Lock-on: button

Press the button to lock on to an enemy. While locked on, your attacks will be delivered to the marked enemy and you will be able to keep constant tabs on them.
When you have multiple enemies locked on, use the right stick to switch between them. You can cancel a lock-on by pressing the button once more.

Special Actions

Double Jump: button in midair

Pressing the  button in midair allows you to jump higher than normal.

Dodge: Left stick + button

Dodge an attack by swiftly moving out of harm’s way. And while locked on to enemies, you can dodge by keeping them in front of you.

Midair Dash: Left stick in midair + button

Dash in midair in the direction you tilted the left stick.

Wall running: Move while touching a wall

Move while touching a wall to run on it.

Wall climbing: button while facing a wall

Jump while facing a wall to climb it.

Message: Down button + right stick

Send a preset message to allies. (Messages you send will not be displayed to enemies.) Hold down the down button to display the message list, and use the right stick to select the message you want. Releasing the down button sends the message.

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