Note: Modes that can only be played while in the Online Lobby are indicated with Online.

World Match Online

Fight players from all over the world to earn points and increase your rank. Speak to the receptionist with above their head to choose what type of battle you would like to play. You can also choose “Create/Select Team” to edit your team members.

World Match Battle Formats

Ranked Match: Results will be reflected in your total number of Battle Points and in your records. Earning more points will increase your rank, but losing too many will decrease your rank.
Casual Match: Results will not be reflected in your total number of Battle Points or in your records.

Starting a World Match

Search for an opponent under specific conditions. Once an opponent is found, the battle will start.

Search Conditions

Opponent Strength: Search for an opponent based on how strong they are in relation to you (“Stronger than me,” “Same as me,” etc.).
Connection Speed: Search for an opponent based on their connection speed (indicated by number of bars).
Match Completion Rate: Search for an opponent based on how many matches they’ve completed (“Anything Goes,” “High Completion Only,” etc.).

World Party Match Online

Six players each choose a character and are divided into two teams for a three-on-three battle. Speak to the receptionist with above their head to “Enter” a match or adjust “Matching Settings.”
Note: Region can be selected under “Matching Settings.”

Joining a Match

After selecting “Enter,” you will be presented with a list of players you’ve been matched with. You can select yourself and use the left and right directional buttons to change your character and its colour. Press the button to let the other players know you are ready for battle. Once all players are ready, the battle with start. Selecting another player from the list will allow you to view their player info or follow them.

Member List

While searching for available opponents in a Ring Match or a World Match, you can move the right stick down to view the Member List, where you can see a list of available opponents.


Play through the game’s original story. Speak to the receptionist with above their head and select “Begin Story”.


Learn how to execute character moves and combos, or customise a training opponent to polish your technique. Speak to the receptionist with above their head and select from the following options.

Training: Adjust your training opponent’s settings and practice how to handle a variety of battle situations.
Battle Tutorial: Learn about various attacks and actions you can perform in battle. Complete all objectives and win the battle to earn Zeni.
Combo Challenge: Practice character-specific combos. Complete all challenges on the left side of the screen to earn Zeni.


Choose a course and fight against a series of enemy teams. Speak to the receptionist with above their head to select your team. Once you’ve selected your team and a course, the first battle will begin. The opponents you face will change based on how you perform in each battle. You will be presented with your total score and overall battle grade after completing the final battle in the course. Three courses are available from the start, but more will unlock as you complete more courses.

Local Battle

Play one casual match with another player or the CPU, or compete in a tournament with up to 16 players. Speak to the receptionist with above their head and select either “Begin Battle” or “Start Tournament.”

Battle: Fight against another player or the CPU in a single match. CPU difficulty can be adjusted.
Tournament: Up to 16 players duke it out to see who’s the top fighter. Select “Start Tournament” from Tournament Settings to begin a tournament. Pairs of fighters are randomly assigned, and battles are carried out in blocks.
Note: You can also add CPU fighters to the roster.

Rankings Online

View how you and other players stack up against each other in Ranked Matches in World Match Mode. Speak to the receptionist with above their head and select “View Rankings” to see rankings for the following.

Overall BP Rankings: Rankings based on Battle Points won from Ranked Matches.
Monthly Win Rankings: Rankings based on the number of wins in Ranked Matches.


View recordings of your own battles or those of other players. Speak to the receptionist withabove their head to select one of the following options.
Note: Replays uploaded to a replay channel will automatically be deleted after approximately one month.

View Replay Channel (Online Lobby Only): Select a channel with replays that you’d like to watch. There are channels for top-ranked players, most-viewed replays, as well as a channel where you can watch replays of official events or tournaments.
View Saved Replays: View replays you’ve saved locally. You can search for replays by pressing the button and indicating specific search conditions.
Note: You can save up to a maximum of 100 replays at one time. Any replays created/saved beyond that will delete other replays starting from the oldest.


Buy Z Capsules with Zeni or Premium Z Coins, or connect to the PlayStation™Store and purchase downloadable content. Speak to the receptionist with above their head to choose from the following options.

Buy Z Capsule: Use Zeni or Premium Z Coins to purchase Z Capsules from which you can receive character colours, Z Stamps, and other items.
View PlayStation™Store: Access the PlayStation™Store and purchase downloadable content.

Pause Menus for Each Game Mode

Press the menu button on certain screens in each mode to bring up a unique pause menu. Most options available will be the same as those on the lobby pause menu, but some modes will have special options that can only be accessed while in that mode.

Arena Match Online

Join other players in the arena located in the centre of the lobby in casual online matches. Speak to the receptionist with  above their head to view the Arena Match screen, from which you can select your team, battle other players, or watch matches between others.

The Arena Match Screen

Join an Arena Match: Search for an opponent and start a battle.
Observe: Watch a match between other players.
Create/Select Team: Create or edit a team to use in battle.

Starting a Battle

After selecting “Join an Arena Match” you will be matched with the first available player. Once an available player has been found, their name will be displayed. The Arena Match will begin once both you and the other player have selected “Yes”. You can exit Arena Match Mode by pressing the button while waiting for an available player.

Ending a Battle

When the battle has finished, the results screen will be displayed. Press the button to return to the standby screen.

Information Online

Speak to the receptionist withabove their head to view the latest game-related news and information on FighterZ content.

The Gate Online

Move to a different lobby. Speak to the receptionist withabove their head to select the region and lobby to which you’d like to move.


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