How to use the wireless controller (Xbox One Wireless Controller).


X1-LB-button-18px: Story Assist
View button: Chat Log / Player List Display
X1-RB-button-18px: Rage Arts
D-pad: Menu selection, Move character
Left stick: Move character
Menu button: Skip, Display Pause menu
X1-Y-button-18px button: Right punch
X1-X-button-18px button: Left punch
X1-B-button-18px button: Back, Right kick
X1-A-button-18px button: Confirm, Left kick

* Controls can be edited in Options > Controller Setup.

* This game supports the vibration function in the wireless controller (Xbox One Wireless Controller). Make sure the vibration function is enabled in the Controllers setting of the Xbox One console.

Notes on graphics in text

Icons represent buttons on the Xbox One Wireless Controller. X1-B-button-18px is the X1-B-button-18px button, X1-A-button-18px is the X1-A-button-18px button, X1-Y-button-18px is the X1-Y-button-18px button, X1-X-button-18px is the X1-X-button-18px button, X1-RB-button-18px is the X1-RB-button-18px. The other controls are listed below.

* Note the moves controls on page 3 – 9 are for when the character is facing right. Mirror the controls when facing left.

X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px buttons mean to press in order.
X1-B-button-18px + X1-A-button-18px buttons mean to press simultaneously.
[X1-B-button-18px X1-A-button-18px] buttons mean to press in order quickly.
right-w-15px D-pad for a short time.
right-PS4-15px  D-pad for a long time
star-PS4-15px Neutral position on  D-pad (no input).


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