Map Screen

On the Field Map, you can travel to towns and dungeons around the world. Let’s visit various places!


Use the to move and use the / (only with Baul) or to change the camera view on the Field Map Screen. In order to reposition the camera north, press .

N•S•E•W represents North, South, East and West.

Geographic Name
When you approach a town or dungeon, its name is displayed. Press the button to enter.

Mini Map
Allows you to locate your current location and confirm the view of the camera. You can switch the display by pressing the button.

Touching an enemy triggers a battle.

Skit Title 


As you progress through the game, you will be able to travel on a creature named Ba’ul.
To call Ba’ul, press the button. Use the button to get off, and the to move.


Coming in contact with an enemy on the Map Screen triggers a battle. This is called an “Encounter” and depending on how you come in contact with the enemy, it may bring on a special encounter.


Coming in contact with an enemy when additional enemies are in close proximity triggers an Encounter Link (simultaneous battle).

Note: During an Encounter Link, more enemies appear in battle, meaning you may fight multiple types of enemies simultaneously.


When an enemy attacks your party from behind it will trigger a Surprise Encounter (sneak attack). Note that a Surprise Encounter starts with your party members switched in reverse formation.

Note: 1P controlled character joins the battle at all times.


Shooting the Sorcerer’s Ring at an enemy may stun the enemy. Coming in contact with the stunned enemy brings on an Advantage Encounter (you start with an advantage).

Note: In Advantage Encounters the enemy is stunned at the start of a battle for a limited amount of time.


You can listen to the conversations between characters by pressing the Touch pad button while a skit title is displayed. The content of the skits varies from adventure hints to intra-party chatter.

Normal Map

When you enter towns and dungeons, the Normal Map screen is displayed. On the Normal Map, you can gather information by talking to people and exploring dungeons to progress in the game.


On the Normal Map Screen, use the to run. Holding the button makes the character walk.

Treasure Chests
When you are close to a treasure chest and press the button, you can acquire the contents inside.


By facing a person and pressing the button, you can talk to them. Also use the button to examine signs and treasure chests, and open doors.
Button callout is displayed at the lower right part of the Map.


Some objects in towns and dungeons can be moved. After moving close to the object you want to move, you can move it by grabbing with the button and using .



Once you acquire the Sorcerer’s Ring, the button allows you to shoot Aer at things. There are various uses, such as activating switches or moving machinery from a distance. More uses can become available as the game progresses.


Fire a shot of Aer with the Sorcerer’s Ring at an enemy to attempt to give you an advantage. “Angry” makes it approach, “Afraid” makes it stand firm, and “Stunned” allows for an Advantage Encounter if you come in contact with it in this state.




Save Point

Pressing the button over a Save Point, found in towns and dungeons allows you to save game data.

Save Point


By spending money (Gald) to stay at an inn, all characters’ HP and TP recover and physical ailments such as poison and KO are cured.


When you talk to shop-owners, four sub-menus are displayed. Select a sub-menu and press the button. Press the button to finish shopping.


Buy: Use Gald to buy items.
Sell: You can sell your items
Synthesis: Synthesise items by using materials.
Equip: You can equip weapons on the EQUIP screen.


Materials for synthesis can be acquired when you defeat enemies or can be found from treasure chests. You may also find them by checking various search points on the Field Map.

Search Point


By selecting “BUY”, “SELL”, or “SYNTHESIS” on the Shop menu, the Shop Screen is displayed. The or (up & down) allows you to select an item you wish to buy, sell, or synthesise. Select the quantity by using the or (left & right) and press the button to confirm.


Item List
Numbers indicate Price / Available number / Quantity you own.

Item Filter
You can sort the items. Use the / to switch.

Item Category
Use / to switch.

Gald (Money)

Total Amount

Item Details


Required Materials (Required/Owned) and Gald to Synthesise
Press the button to see the Material info.

Status Change When Equipped
Character icons indicate the status change and numbers indicate the varying numeric values.

Raises status

 Lowers status

 Already equipped

Not available

Learnable Skills
Press the button to check the details.

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