Starting the Game

Main Menu

When you first start the game, you’ll be brought to the title screen. From here, press any button to enter the main menu. When playing the game for the first time, a new save file will be created. (Note: At least 400 KB of free hard disk space is required in order to create save data.)

New Game

This option will start the game with a new save file. Once you’ve chosen one of four save slots to save your data, the game will start from the beginning.


This option lets you resume the game from the most recent save data.


This screen lets you change various in-game settings and can also be accessed during gameplay from the System menu. Additionally, while on the main menu prior to starting or resuming the game, you can also change the game’s difficulty level (this option cannot be changed during gameplay).

Kirito Mode

Once you’re far enough along in the storyline, you’ll be able to select Kirito Mode. As the name suggests, in Kirito Mode, you play as Kirito and experience a unique story from his perspective. After unlocking Kirito Mode, you can also choose to select between the normal story mode and Kirito Mode when starting saved game data from the main menu.

Auto Saving

This game uses an auto-save feature. An icon will appear on screen when the game is saving. Please do not turn off the Xbox One console during this time.
The game will save automatically whenever you move between non-battlefield areas, such as the SBC Glocken. As a rule, the game will not save in battlefields.


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