General Gameplay

Play through the story by clearing Main Quests.

Clearing Main Quests gives you rewards and furthers your progress in the story.
Strengthen your characters through various means such as crafting, gathering materials, and completing quests found in Centoria, villages, and the field.
Meeting and communicating with your companions is also an important part of the gameplay experience.

Central Cathedral

Centoria stands at the center of the Four Empires of the Human Realm. This grand city, along with other towns and villages, serves as a base for your adventure.
At these bases are weapon and item shops, blacksmiths, engravers, and more. Some citizens will even have quests for you.

Buying Items

You can buy or sell at various shops that deal in weapons, armor, items, and materials.
As you proceed with the story, the shops’ stock will expand.


Bring materials and money to blacksmiths, engravers, apothecaries, cooks, and other artisans to craft items.


Beyond the towns and villages stretches an expansive open field, where enemies prowl in wait.
Battle enemies and collect materials to clear quests as you play through your adventure.
Campsites and other adventurers are also found dotted throughout the map. Advancing through the story will unlock more areas to explore.

Main Quests

Complete Main Quests to advance through the game’s story.
As you progress, you can keep an eye on your quest objectives in the upper left corner of the screen.

Side Quests

Besides Main Quests, you can also accept Service Quests from Underworld denizens, Episode Quests from other characters, Relic Quests, and more.

Field Actions

Besides battling, you can also go fishing, harvesting, and searching for treasure in the field.

Main Quests

You must clear Main Quests to advance through the story.
Some quests appear automatically as you progress, while others need to be accepted from key story characters.
Floating icons will indicate where to go next.

Result Rewards

Clearing quests rewards you with EXP, Sacred Arts EXP, items, and money. Defeating powerful enemies and clearing special quests can give you rare items not available in shops.
EXP is needed to increase character stats, while Sacred Arts EXP increases Sacred Arts level, expanding your available skills.

Episode Quests

You can receive these quests from other characters.
Clearing them allows you to view special side stories.

Service Quests

Service Quests can be accepted from Underworld denizens.
While they aren’t connected to the story, you can gain items and experience from them.

Relic Quests

You can find these quests in special areas or accept them from statues scattered across the field.
Defeating powerful enemies or completing goals for these quests gives you even more rewards.

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