Field Screen

The field screen displays important information while you are journeying through the field.

Current Quest Objective

Finding Your Destination
Press the button while traveling to view the route to your current quest objective.

Displays a map of the surrounding area.
The icons on the map serve as landmarks for your travels.

Mini Map
Displays the distance between you and various landmarks, such as save points and quest goals.

Main Quest
Service Quest
Relic Quest
Episode Quest
Completed Statue Quest
Fast Travel
Fishing Spot
Item Shop
Weapon Shop
Armor Shop
Material Shop
Ingredient Shop
Kirito’s Tent

Weather, Time, Current Location

Special Methods of Traveling

Some areas cannot be reached without scaling ivy walls or using certain Sword Skills or Sacred Arts.

Status Conditions

You can apply buffs with abilities like Sacred Arts and Battle Skills, while enemies can inflict you with status ailments and debuffs.

Status Ailments

Bleed: Gradually depletes HP
Burn: Lowers Max HP and gradually depletes HP
Paralysis: Cancels battle actions by a set chance
Darkness: Lowers attack accuracy
Confusion: Reverses all movement controls
Slow: Lowers movement speed
Immobility: Prevents movement
Frostbite: Lowers action speeds and cancels battle actions by a set chance
Bind: Prevents movement and lowers action speeds
Panic: Attacks allies in panicked confusion
SP Slip: Gradually depletes SP
Max HP Lowered: Lowers Max HP
Weakened: Lowers the effectiveness of various abilities

Types of Buffs

HP Regen: Gradually restores HP over a set period
SP Regen: Gradually restores SP over a set period
Max HP Increased: Increases maximum amount of HP
Max SP Increased: Increases maximum amount of SP
Attack Increased: Increases damage dealt to enemies
Defense Increased: Decreases damage received from enemies
Accuracy Increased: Makes it easier for attacks to land
Evasion Increased: Makes it easier to avoid enemy attacks
Ailment Accuracy Increased: Makes it easier to inflict status ailments
Poison Res. Increased: Increases resistance to poison
Paralysis Res. Increased: Increases resistance to paralysis
Stagnation Res. Increased: Increases resistance to slow, immobility, frostbite, and bind
Physical Res. Increased: Increases resistance to burn, max HP lowered, darkness, and bleed
Soul Res. Increased: Increases resistance to confusion, panic, SP slip, and max SP lowered
Damage Reflection: Deals back a portion of received damage
Damage Absorption: Absorbs a portion of received damage
Physical Evasion: Evades physical attacks (ends after evading once)
Ailment Evasion: Evades status ailments (ends after evading once)
Strengthened Attack: Makes it easier to stagger enemies
Strengthened Defense: Makes it harder to be staggered by enemies

Field Landmarks

There are many landmarks scattered throughout the field.
They will help guide you on your adventure through the world.


At campsites, you can rest to recover your health and use ingredients and recipes to make food. You can choose to rest until evening, nighttime, or morning to skip ahead to different times of day.

Fast Travel

You can use the Fast Travel feature by interacting with various travel points around the world. Points you have registered will show up on the Map in the Main Menu. Select one to instantly travel to that location.

Save Points

You can save your progress at save points found in both towns and the field.
You can also review previous tutorials.

Time and Weather

Time in the field progresses from morning to night, and the weather can also change. Some events only happen at certain times or under certain weather conditions. Search far and wide!

Field Actions

Along with completing quests, you can also harvest materials, fish, cook, and search for treasure in the field.

Harvesting / Fishing

You can gather materials needed for crafting, such as plants, ingredients, minerals, and more. Also, you can fish at fishing spots. The types of fish you can catch will change depending on the fishing rod and fishing spots you use.

Statue Quests

You can accept quests from statues found scattered across the field. Completing these quests can strengthen your characters’ abilities and earn you special rewards or character skills. Take full advantage when you encounter these statues.


You have a small chance of running into other adventurers in the field. Not only can you converse with them as you would with villagers, but you can also ally with them and enlist them to help you in battles. Speak to allied adventurers to remove them from your allies.

Hunting Quests

Entering a specific area in the field will trigger a hunting quest. You will have to face off against especially powerful monsters, but this also allows you to earn much more EXP, better rewards, and find higher-ranked items.

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