The Basics of Special Moves

Break Attacks: 

Special moves that produce blue lightning when executed. They can’t be parried with a reversal edge or repelled with a guard impact. Additionally, even if your opponent guards, they will leave themselves open. However, guard breaks are slow to land, meaning you need to plan your attack carefully.

Guard Impacts:

A special move that allows you to repel your opponent’s attack and leave them open to a counter. However, you need to time the move with your opponent’s attack to land one effectively. You can’t deflect guard breaks or unblockable attacks.

Unblockable Attacks (commands are character-specific)

A powerful attack that ignites the blade with red flames. It can break through any guard, reversal edge, and guard impact. However, the move takes a long time to unleash.

Special Hits and States

Special hits are performed when certain conditions are met. They have various effects, all of which are advantageous.

Lethal Hits

Lethal hits occur when you use certain moves under certain conditions. When you land one, your opponent will briefly go into slow motion and leave themselves wide open; their armor may also break, but this will not lower their overall defence.

Guard Crush

When a character’s guard stamina is low, the guard stamina bar will glow red. If they continue to guard attacks in this state their guard will temporarily break, leaving them open to attack. (Light attacks can’t crush guards.)


Some moves when performed under certain conditions will glow yellow and stun your opponent, leaving them open to attack.

Counter Hits

A counter hit happens when your attack lands before your opponent’s, or when you use a horizontal strike to hit someone running to the side. The result is a damage bonus; some moves even leave your opponent open to attack.

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