Pirate Base

This mode lets you set up your own pirate crews, view characters, and use your Beli to bring on new battle or support characters.

Pirate Base Menu

Select the option you want.

Create Pirate Crew

Build your own pirate crew.


Battle Character

Spend Beli to recruit new battle characters, view their models, and listen to their dialogue.

Support Character

Spend Beli to recruit new support characters.
Any battle or support characters you earn here are unlocked in the character select screens of all other modes.

Making a Pirate Crew

Use the character select screen to select battle and support characters to build and create your own pirate crew with.
Character select screen details.
Press the X1-Y-button-18px button to bring up the Create Pirate Crew menu.


Create Pirate Crew Screen

Each character has their name, pirate points, current Ability/Haki if they have any (battle characters only), and support type/number of uses on display.
Move the left stick or press D-pad left and right to choose where to place the character, then press the X1-A-button-18px button to add them.
This will overwrite any previously-defined pirate crew.


Support Types

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-01 : Affects Burning Gauge or Awakening (ex.: Expands the amount of time you remain in Burst mode)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-02 : Affects the Ability Gauge (ex.: Boosts the Ability Gauge’s recover rate for a period of time)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-03 : Affects the HP Gauge (ex.: Heals your partner’s HP)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-04 : Affects your attacks (ex.: Boosts attack power when HP is at 50% or below)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-05 : Affects your defense (ex.: Boosts defense just once the next time you are damaged)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-06 : Affects Unity actions (ex.: Heals HP and boosts attack power of character swapped in during a Unity Chain)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-07 : Affects movement capabilities (ex.: Lets you instantaneously move near far away opponents)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-08 : Affects team strength (ex.: Become invisible for a period of time)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-09 : Affects support characters (ex.: Reduces cooldown time of other support characters to zero)

OPBB_PirateBase-ST-10 : Interferes with your opponent (ex.: Fire balls of miasma that poison any foe who touches them)

Battle/Support Character Flow

You can spend Beli to recruit new battle characters or support characters, as well as view their models and listen to their voice.
(Support characters do not have models or voices to check out.)
Use the left stick or D-pad to select a character to recruit, then press the X1-A-button-18px button to confirm.
Characters you’ve recruited will have a stamp over their icons.


Selection Screen


OPBB-PirateBase-sumi Recruited character

OPBB-PirateBase-mi Non-recruited character

Select “Yes” in the confirmation screen to recruit the character. If you don’t have enough Beli, you won’t be able to recruit them.

Once you recruit a character, you can view its model and listen to its voices.

See Model

Move the camera with the left stick. Move the right stick left and right to rotate, or up and down to zoom in and zoom out.
Press the Menu button to return it to its original position.



Move the left stick or press D-pad up and down to scroll through the list. Press X1-A-button-18px button to play the voice.
Press X1-LB-button-18px and X1-RB-button-18px to change voice types.


Normal: Voices exclusive to that character.
Enemy Team: Dialogue with the selected character (if on enemy team).
Allied Team: Dialogue with the selected character (if on allied team).

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