Combat Battle and Base Battle Rules

Combat Battle

The team that defeats the specified number of enemies first wins. If the specified number isn’t reached before time runs out, the team that defeated the most enemies wins. A draw results if both teams defeat the same number of enemies. Acquiring the scrolls that appear on the map at regular intervals will give the player or team support effects of various kinds.

Scroll Gauge
The gauge fills and empties over time. When it fills to the maximum level, a scroll appears. The scroll disappears if the gauge completely empties.

Distance from scroll

Getting Knocked Out

Characters get knocked out when their Health Gauge completely empties or they fall off screen, but they respawn after a certain period of time. You can change slots by pressing the button while waiting to respawn.
Note: If you are using a Ninja Master, you cannot change avatars while waiting to respawn.

Base Battle

Teams vie to take over the three bases on the map. The Score Gauge rises when a team is in possession of two or more bases. The first team to have its gauge reach the maximum level before time runs out wins. If time runs out before that, the team with the highest score gauge wins. A draw results if both teams’ gauges are empty.

Score Gauge

Base Possession

The Possession Gauge starts filling when a team enters a base, and if reaches the maximum level, the team gains possession. If the team leaves while the gauge is filling, it will start to empty, and if the enemy team invades, it will stop. You can also steal a base from the enemy team by filling up the gauge.

Possession Gauge


The battle goes into overtime if the score is tied after time runs out, or if both teams did not achieve the objective and the team with inferior numbers is in possession of two or more bases.

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