Basic Controls

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Note: To turn on the controller vibration, press the Xbox Button and select Settings > Kinect & devices > Devices and accesories > Configure, and then select the Turn on vibration box.

Hidden Leaf Village/Menu Control

D-pad: Select menu items
D-pad right: Player Menu
Left stick: Move, Select menu items
button:  Talk, Confirm
View button: Player List
button: Cancel, Back
: Player Data
: Lobby Action
: Message

Note: White text indicates Hidden Leaf Village commands and yellow text indicates menu commands.

Battle Controls


Left stick: Move, Midair Dash (Press in midair)
 button: Jump
: Chakra Jump, Wire Kunai (in midair)

Attack, Guard

 button: Close-Range Attack
  button: Strong Attack
  button: Ninja Tools
: Guard, Dodge (+Left stick)

Special Attacks

: Ninjutsu 1
: Ninjutsu 2
Note 1: You can use it when the Ninjutsu Gauge is at maximum.
Note 2: The Ninjutsu Gauge fills faster when you hold down or .
(After being attacked): Substitution Jutsu, Deflect (while guarding)
D-pad up: Secret Technique Ninjutsu
Note: You can use it when the Secret Technique Ninjutsu Gauge is at maximum.


Right stick: Rotate Camera
Press : Lock-on
D-pad down + right stick: Message
D-pad left /View button: Show Scoreboard
Menu button: Menu

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