Playing Through Story Mode

Story Mode Game Flow

Select Story Mode, and you’ll see a summary of the story so far. In subsequent plays, the game will move on to the Storyboard afterward.


Event Scene
You’ll then view an event scene.
*Some episodes consist of nothing but event scenes.


Satisfy the requirements of the battle, and you’ll finish the stage and move on in the game. Story Mode contains a variety of battles for you to challenge.


New Episode Unlocked
After viewing the Episode Results, a new episode will be unlocked and you’ll view a preview movie. Select the unlocked episode from the Storyboard to move on in the game.


The Storyboard

Select an episode from the Episode Board, then choose a chapter to play.


Chapter List Battle Icons

icon_btl_d Boss Battle
icon_btl_f Free Battle
icon_btl_g Mob Battle
icon_btl_b Dramatic Battle

Select a chapter, and a confirmation screen will appear.
Make any selection to start the game.

Boss Battles

Boss battles usually involve more than basic fighting. Other gameplay elements will also show up, depending on the situation.

Interactive Actions

During battle, press the buttons or inputs displayed onscreen to successfully trigger the action.


Afterimage Actions

If an afterimage appears in battle, use the left stick to match its moves and successfully trigger the action.


Weapon Destroying

When a weapon appears on the field, go into the circle and hold down the X1-B-button-18px button until the gauge is at MAX to obtain it. If you can land the final hit of a combo on your opponent, and successfully input the right command, you can destroy your opponent’s weapon.


Gigantic Foes

At times you’ll find yourself toe to toe with huge foes, such as beasts and summons. The controls here are the same as in regular battle. You’ll also see Secret Actions and Afterimage Actions trigger.


Mob Battles

Mob Battles involve fighting a large number of foes at once. The controls are the same as in regular battle, but you’ll also be able to trigger Interactive Actions by pressing the onscreen buttons or inputs.



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