Thank you for your purchase of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.’s NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 – ROAD TO BORUTO for your Xbox One console. Please be sure to read this instruction manual and follow its warnings and cautions before playing the game.


The battle for the future is over, and a new wind has begun to blow through the world of the ninjas. With the massive upheaval of the Fourth Great Ninja War behind them, the shinobis continue to live out their lives. Now, in the wake of their hard-fought victory, a new generation has begun to take shape. Though the times may have changed, some things remain the same. The way of the shinobi continues to be passed on, straight and unyielding as ever.

The endless ninja war concludes!
Experience the world of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!

Experience Boruto: Naruto the Movie!

With a hard-won peace behind them, a brand new story is about to begin! Come adventure in the world of ninjas following the Fourth Great Ninja War!

Enjoy a wide variety of battles online!
Test your skills against players from around the world!
Fight in versus battles, tournaments, leagues, and more! 
Create the roster of your dreams with Free Battle!



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