Starting the Game

When you press the Confirm button on the title screen your save data will be checked and you will proceed to the Avatar Selection screen.

Playing the Game for the First Time

The first time you play the game, you must agree to the Bandai Namco Entertainment End User License Agreement and the Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Privacy Policy.

Avatar Selection

Create an avatar to use in the Lobby.
Use the D-pad or the Left stick to select [Create New], then press the button to proceed to the Avatar Selection screen.

*If you have not completed Prologue: Rebirth, the Create Avatar screen opens automatically after the opening event.

If you have already created an avatar, you can use that avatar to begin the game.
Player information is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Select your gender and battle style, and then select a body type, hairstyle, features, and voice for your avatar.
When you’re finished, select [OK] > [Yes] to proceed to the Name Entry screen.
After you enter a name, you can select whether to play in Online Mode or Offline Mode.

If you select [Yes] for Online Mode, sign in to Xbox Live to proceed to the Multiplayer Lobby.
If you select [No], you will begin the game in Offline Mode.
If it’s your first time playing, you’ll begin with a short Battle Tutorial.

Network Play

● When playing online, please adhere to all appropriate rules, laws, and manners.
● Do not disconnect from the internet while in an online match.
● Be sure you have enough time to play before starting an online match.
● Do not engage in any form of play intended to aggravate or spoil the fun of your opponent.

*Network service quality is not guaranteed when using this software. Delays, data loss, and disconnections may occur depending on the network environment. We also cannot guarantee that other players are always playing under the same network service conditions.

Playing for the First Time

First you’ll be introduced to the story.
The story progresses automatically.

At one point during the story, you will be asked to create your own avatar. Go ahead and create one at this point.

The battle tutorial begins.
A cutscene will play after you defeat your opponent.
The cutscene progresses automatically.
*The cutscene will play even if you select [End Match] > [Yes] from the Pause Menu.

After the battle tutorial, a cutscene shows the arrival of Umbras.
The cutscene progresses automatically.

Team Introduction Cutscenes

Below the Lobby there are three team areas. The teams are led by Goku, Luffy, and Naruto.
Talk to the leaders to learn more about their teams.
Be sure to talk to all the leaders and team members before deciding which team you want to join.

Joining a Team

Director Glover’s Command Room is located below the Lobby.
Talk to Director Glover and decide which team you want to join.

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