Basic Controls

Xbox One Wireless Controller


D-pad/Left stick: Select item*
Left stick: Move
Right stick: Move camera
Right stick click: Reset camera
Menu button: Open menu
button: Talk/Back*
button: Jump/Confirm
button: Show/hide mini-map
Hold down  button: Show world map
Select a facility + button: Fast-travel

*When a choice is displayed.



Moving: Left stick
Jump: button
Chase: button
Escape: button while being attacked (also works in mid-air)
Guard: button
Sidestep: button + Left stick
High-Speed Dodge: button immediately before opponent’s attack (also works in mid-air)
Quick Move: button + Left stick during a Rush

●Basic Attacks

Rush: button (also works in mid-air)
Smash: Hold down  button
Rush Up / Rush Down: Left stick upwards +  button or Left stick downwards +  button
Heavy Blow: button (also works in mid-air)
Heavy Smash: Hold down  button
Heavy Combo: button during a Rush
Rush Pursuit: or  button after launching your opponent with a Rush or Smash attack
Pursuit Attack: or  button during a chase (also works in mid-air)
High-Speed Counter: button immediately before opponent’s attack (also works in mid-air)
Throw: button

●Special Actions

Ability 1/2/3: button +, or  button
Support Attack: Hold down button
Energy Charge: Hold down  button
Switch:  button (also works in mid-air)

●Awakened Actions

Awaken*: Right stick click (while standing still or being attacked)
Awakened Team Attack*: Right stick click (while attacking)
Awakened Ability*: button + button

*Uses over 50% of the Awakening Gauge.


Pause Menu: Menu button during a battle

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