Xbox One Wireless Controller

(Controller vibration can be toggled on and off from the Options menu.)


: Guard
+ button: Burst
+ button: Vanish Attack
Left stick: Move
Left stick + : Move Up/Down
Left stick + button (Hold): Boost
button: Super Boost
button: Charge Ki / Surge
button: Ki Blast Attack
button: Melee Attack
button: Step
Right stick: Switch Target
button: Cancel Target / Lock
Menu button: Pause


+ button: Ki Blast
+ button (Hold): Charged Ki Blast
: Search for Ki
Left stick: Move
button: High-Speed Dash
D-pad: Vehicle Palette
D-pad: Ride
D-pad: Dismount
button (hold): Boost Flight
button: Examine/Talk
button: Jump
button (while in air): Fly
Right stick: Move Camera
button: Reset Camera
Menu button: Main Menu
View button: Change Map

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