This section will cover the controls for menu screens and the lobby using the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Note: Battle controls can be changed in “Button Settings” under “Options” in the pause menu.

Left trigger: Warp
Left bumper: Display chat window/Change window size
Left stick: Make a selection/Move Lobby Character
D-pad: Make a selection/Move Lobby Character
Menu button: Display lobby menu
Right trigger: Start a Ring Match
Right bumper: Display quests
button: Display stamp list
button: Cancel
button: Talk to receptionists/Confirm
button: Display preset message list

Button Notation

All controls listed in this manual are based on the Xbox One Wireless Controller. is the button, is the button, is the button, and is the button. Other controls are noted in the table to the right.
Note: The actions indicated in this manual all assume your character is facing right. Inputs will be reversed when facing left. Action names marked in blue can be performed either on the ground or in the air.

+ : Press both buttons at the same time.

: Move the left stick in the indicated direction (or press the corresponding directional D-pad).

☆: Return the left stick or D-pad to the neutral position.



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